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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Inspiration of the Month - Changing How Women See Themselves

I know a lot of bloggers have talked about this, but I wanna take a little time today to share my observations on how women are portrayed in media, how it affects us, and how I believe it's changing. (And yes, that is a selfie taken in poor light with no filter. I don't have makeup on, I don't have contacts in, and I did nothing with my hair after I showered. It took a lot for me to post that but I thought if I'm gonna post about inspirational things people are doing to change our views on beauty, I should at least be able to post that picture.)

We all know that all forms of media skew women's (and men's) views of themselves. We're told everywhere we look that we need to buy new things and work on ourselves in order to be good enough and to be accepted. There are certain, unattainable standards seeping into our subconscious minds from everywhere! It's not just TV and magazines either. I'm talking about just simply walking around a store or down the street. I'm talking about social media. I'm talking about fashion shopping websites. And I'm talking about almost every conversation we have with our peers. It's everywhere.

But you know what, we're recognizing this disease. We're recognizing it pretty late in the game, but we're still recognizing it. And some people are doing what they can to stop it.

I've been so inspired lately by what some of these people are doing to stop this terrible problem. Did you know that Aerie released an ad campaign last spring in which they refused to air brush and touch up their models? These women are beautiful just the way they are! No Photoshop needed. And Aerie sure is making a statement with this stance. The amount of Photoshoping that goes on behind the scenes on every picture we ever see is absolutely absurd and it's refreshing and inspiring to know that at least one company out there has had enough.
Songs about women in media
Also, there are some wonderful songs out there right now that confront this issue. Of course we all know "All About that Bass" by Megan Trainor! Megan reveals to the world that we are beautiful. Every inch is perfect. She calls out magazines using Photoshop and "stick-figure, silicone Barbie dolls." It's a fun song we can all relate to. Listen here.

And then there's "Try" by Colbie Caillat. Colbie's song comes at the issue from a different angle. It's a slow, passionate song. Colbie talks to girls telling them not to do things just "so they like you" and she takes off her makeup in the video. She says w"Why do you care what they think? All that matters is that you like you!" Amen, Colbie! (Except I would add that we should be dressing to impress and glorify God as well as ourselves, but certainly not to impress our peers.) Listen here.

Cassie Ho from the ever famous Blogilates website recently called Target out on a Photoshop incident. Side note: I LOVE blogilates! Free awesome workouts and clean recipes and all the wonderful positive motivation for getting fit and healthy (not necessarily "skinny") that you could ever want. Anyway, Cassie's sentiments were shared across the internet. also wrote an article about this issue. And of course, Ellen had the model on her show! Target found out and took down the offending picture. I'm positive Target still uses Photoshop, but at least Cassie was noticed, right?

You see, we can make a difference. Granted, all of these people may have a little easier time getting noticed than you or I would just because they are famous or well known, but we can make a difference. Even if the only person you ever affect is yourself. Stop seeing yourself as imperfect! Stop comparing yourself to these fake and unattainable standards. God made you beautiful just the way your are. It's hard to remember that in our society, trust me, I know! But you have to work hard every day to remind yourself of that because you are so worth it!
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