Enduring All Things: November 2014

Friday, November 28, 2014

Christmas Spotify Playlist

Now that Thanksgiving is officially over, I have no qualms with sharing my Christmas playlist with you. I worked long and hard on this playlist a couple years ago, making it perfect! And last year I added a few more songs. Yes there are 127 songs for over 6 hours of music. Anyway, just wanted to share. Feel free to follow it on Spotify or to take ideas from you own Christmas playlist. Oh and you might want to listen on shuffle because I have multiple versions of a lot of the classics and for the most part they are on the list right next to each other.
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Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Blogger Men Tell All {Volume 3}

It's time for another Blogger Men Tell All post! This month's questions are naturally all about Thanksgiving. I already knew most of Pearson's answers, but you all didn't and that's the point, right? I love sharing my husband's brain with you guys! So lets get started, shall we? (I tried to type as close to exactly what he said as possible. Anything I said is in bold).
ONE | What food do you look forward to most at Thanksgiving dinner?

Um... I guess Pumpkin Pie.

TWO | Do you ever go shopping on Black Friday?

Nope. But maybe this year. Why this year? Because we've talked about going with you brother and it would be fun.

THREE | What's your favorite Thanksgiving tradition?

I don't think we have thanksgiving traditions. What about football? Oh yeah! Watching the Florida/Florida State game because most of my extended family is Florida or Florida State fans. We watch Georgia and Georgia Tech every year too and last year we watched Michigan and Ohio State because I go to school here now.

FOUR | Do you travel for the Thanksgiving holiday or stay close to home?

Ever other year we traveled to Valdosta in south Georgia. And I guess now we go every other year to Harrison Arkansas to see your grandparents.

FIVE | What are you most thankful for this year?

My wife. Good answer! What else? I thought that was a good answer. Um.. My new lab. (He switched his research lab a few weeks ago because the other one was not a good fit for him. He likes this one so much better and I can tell the difference is night and day. He'll be set back a little but it is totally worth it!)

Becoming Adorrable
So what do you guys think? Did he have some good answers?
Oh and be sure to check out my blogger men post from last month and the month before in case you missed them!
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, November 24, 2014

Inspiration of the Month: Sadie Robertson

It's no secret that I love the Robertsons! So of course, when Sadie had an interview in US Weekly, I had to write about her for my inspiration of the month. If you've been reading my blog for a while, you know that I am inspired by people that are not ashamed to share their Faith in public (I talk about it hereherehere and here, just to list a few). But on top of that, Sadie is inspirational in other ways. She's an icon that young girls can look up to.
Sadie said in the interview that when she was younger, she prayed for God to give her opportunities and a platform to share her faith. What? Sadie is 17. She was 14 when Duck Dynasty started. That means she prayed for a platform with which to share her faith when she was younger than 14 years old! I don't know about you, but I was certainly not praying about that when I was her age. I think I was probably praying for the boy across the room to like me. Ok, my prayers were probably a little deeper than that, but not Sadie Robertson deep. You go girl!

She also promotes modesty and designs modest prom and homecoming dresses for her own line with Sherri Hill. But she says that modesty is not a 'rule' that her father put in place like most people think (and how Dancing With the Stars tries to portray it). She says she does it out of respect for her father and also for God. That's such a good point. Modesty is important to Sadie, personally. She doesn't just do it for the attention it brings to her while in the spotlight. She doesn't just do it because her daddy said to. I know, even to this day, I sometimes have poor motivations for the things I wear. I sometimes wear modest clothes so that other people don't think poorly of me, but I should be wearing them because it honors God. Thanks for the reminder, Sadie!

When she modeled her prom dress line at NY Fashion Week, Sadie encountered some models who were not so nice. How did she handle them? She says she could have lost it but she didn't. And she gave the credit to God! "God had been training me all my life!" Giving God the credit like that is so hard to do. So many of us take credit ourselves for how we handle situations and we forget God. Not Sadie. 17-year-old Sadie knew she couldn't have handled the negativity from other models without the help of her Heavenly Father.

One thing Sadie said in the interview that really stuck out to me was when she was talking about saving sex for marriage. She said that other people think it's easy for her because she's a Christian but really it isn't easy and it's something you have to decide as a couple! That's so true! Just because you were raised in a Christian home and you know it's wrong, doesn't mean you won't be very tempted in certain situations. You must guard yourself and one way to do this is to date people who have the same convictions! She says that in her book she gives some rules to follow to help you stay pure. Some of the rules are, "Stay out of each other's bedrooms" and "pray before each date." This makes me really want to read her book. Even though I don't have a problem with this particular issue anymore, I may have a daughter one day who could benefit from these wise words.

And last, but not least, in the last paragraph, she says that her plans for after high school include attending Harding University in Arkansas! That just makes my heart happy! Go Bisons!!!!!

What do you think of Sadie? Have you seen her on Dancing with the Stars? Have you read her book?
Thanks for reading!
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Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Tips to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early and Cheap

I am so excited to say that ALL of my Christmas shopping is done! (Ok, with the exception of Pearson and Pip's stocking stuffers and maybe a few other extras I come across before Christmas). And we didn't break the bank doing it either! How you ask? Well, I'll just tell you.
ONE || Host a consultant party!
You know what I'm talking about, right? Thirty-one, Mary Kay, Premier Designs, Jamberry Nails and the list goes on. There are tons of programs out there. Pick one you think the women you're buying for would like and host a party! When you host, you get lots of hostess perks so use them as Christmas gifts. Some of the companies give you so much money's worth of free stuff from their collection based on how much they sell at your party. If you're like me, you don't need any more of whatever it is they're selling. At least you don't need as much as they're trying to give you. So use your free money to buy Christmas presents! It's all done at one place and you are paying very little out of your own pocket!
TWO || Go visit a theme park!
I went to Universal (aka Harry Potter World) in October and I came back with presents for some family members who I know also love Harry Potter. And don't worry, they already know they're getting something from there. I haven't given anything away. Unfortunately, this option is usually not too nice on the wallet but it's totally worth it, right?

THREE || Go visit your Alma Mater (which also happens to be most of your family's Alma Mater as well)!
Who doesn't love memorabilia from the place they spent 4 years of their life? I mean college is where you find out who you are and make tons of memories. You make decisions that might govern the rest of your life and for a lot of people (including my parents and grandparents) it's where you meet your spouse. Who wouldn't love a t-shirt or coffee mug representing their school? And if you go on homecoming weekend, I bet they'll have lots of sales and deals going on at the bookstore!
FOUR || Use Swagbucks and other reward point systems! 
This paragraph contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Seriously, Swagbucks.com is awesome!
I was introduced to Swagbucks.com by Amberly. Let me tell you, it's awesome and totally worth it! You get rewards points or "Swagbucks" for doing things you would be doing anyway like searching the web, playing online games, online shopping and watching movie trailers. You can also earn Swagbucks in unique ways like taking surveys, answering poles, clipping coupons, and reading books! Yes reading books! And the best part is you can redeem you Swagbucks any time for eGift cards. And these aren't gift cards to places you would never shop. They have Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Paypal, visa and many more! So far I've used Swagbucks that I've been collecting since I signed up in May for a lot of Christmas presents and my bank account certainly thanks me!
FIVE || Make your gifts!
Of course the obvious way to save money on Christmas gifts would be to make them instead of buying them. And it's usually pretty fun to do. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project, gift it to someone, and see the approval on their face! But maybe you're not that crafty. Or maybe you're just not that confident in your craftiness (I feel you!). Well I say try anyway! And try early! That way if you mess up, you still have time to try again or buy something instead. But if you are satisfied the first time, you're done! Here are some ideas: candles (it looks kind of intimidating but it's not that hard, I promise), scarves, blankets (requires no skill, just maybe a little time and patience), and cookies or candy (this one you maybe shouldn't do too far in advance).

So there you have it. My five tips to get your Christmas shopping done early and cheap!
Have you used any of these ideas? What other tips do you have?
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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Letters to the World {November 2014}

I cannot believe it's already time for my Letters to the World post in November! That means November is almost over! It's flying by!
Dear Winter,
Ugh. I am not ready for you yet. And I think I am justified in that, aren't I? I mean we still have more than a month before the official first day of winter. So why on earth did you show your face this early and give us 6 inches of snow Sunday night that's still sticking around?? Not cool!
Dear Thanksgiving,
I cannot believe you will be here in just over a week! This year has seriously flown by! I can't wait to hang with my family in Arkansas just enjoying all the things that come with you: football, food, and fellowship! I am so sorry a lot of people want to skip over you every year. You're pretty great!

Dear Christmas,
I'm actually ready for you this year! Usually I'm not very excited for you. At least not until December. But this year, I've been waiting since Summer time. It's very out of character for me. Now don't get me wrong, I still hate winter and I'm not a fan of opening presents, but I love everything else that you bring!
Dear Work,
We are not on good terms right now. You are making life miserable for me and I am not happy about it. I cannot wait till this craziness blows over and I can *hopefully* enjoy my holidays without you calling all the time and looming in the back of my mind.

Dear lip balm and lotion,
You are a life saver. I have been using so much of you that you may just be the reason I go broke soon. But you are so soothing in this premature winter air. I should probably go ahead and stock up before the winter gets too bad and I really don't want to get out and buy more.

Dear Target,
Why are you so addicting? Seriously. I go in to get a single Christmas present for somebody and come out with a full cart! It's ridiculous! And it's not just me. The other day while I was in the office, I overheard a coworker say that she went to Target on her lunch break to pick up two simple little things and ended up spending over $40! How do you do it?
Dear Taylor Swift,
You, my dear, are brilliant. Your song writing really is genius! I know every word to every song on your new album. I haven't been able to say that since like the NSYNC days! If people give you crap and say you're overrated, ignore them. You are awesome!

What would you write in an open letter to the world today?
Thanks for reading!
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Friday, November 14, 2014

Hocking Hills State Park

Pearson and I went to Hocking Hills with some friends this past weekend. We stayed in a cabin with 3 other young married couples. We went hiking on several beautiful trails on Saturday. We watched the OSU football game and sat around talking and playing games. Sunday morning we had our own church service and headed home. It was a wonderful time with great friends enjoying God's beautiful creation without the distractions of cell phone service and internet!
The girls decided to make an album cover
Me and Pearson on the bridge
The Devil's Bathtub

Linking up with This Darling Day for "Finding Beauty Friday"
This Darling Day
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Thursday, November 13, 2014

How To Convince Your Hubby to Take You to Orlando

Actually, I didn't really have to do much convincing my hubby. Pearson is on board to take a whole week off for our 5th wedding anniversary to go to all 4 Disney parks and 2 Universal parks! I know, awesome, right? And no we won't have kids by then (God willing). It will be just the 2 of us and I cannot wait. But it's come to my attention that some of you reading this might not be as lucky as I am in the willing husband department, so I bring you 10 steps or ways to convince you significant other to take you!
  1. Tell him it's for a Special Occasion. Pearson and I are going for our 5 year anniversary. Having a reason or excuse to go makes it easier to justify.
  2. Plan the trip for some time in distant future so you have time to save up for it. Like I said, we are going for our 5th anniversary which will be in 2017! We have plenty of time to save.
  3. Promise you'll buy him treats when you get there. He can have yummy things like butterbeer and Mickey shaped ice cream pops!
  4. Promise you will get a lot of exercise from walking all over the parks and the calories from the fun treats won't even matter!
  5. Go when it's not very crowded. We've decided that when we go for our 5th anniversary, we are not going to actually go on our anniversary in July when kids are out of school and the parks are at their busiest. We are going to wait a couple of months and go in September when the parks are empty but do it in honor of our anniversary
  6. Insist that it's not just for kids. Your hubby likes Frozen, right?
  7. But don't forget that you can re-live your childhood while you're there!
  8. Two words: Star Wars!
  9. Two more words: Harry Potter!
  10. And last but not least, it's the happiest place on earth! How can you say no?
That's about all I've got. If these 10 things don't work, I don't know what to tell you. You may just be out of luck. :(

Have you been to Disney with just your husband? We don't need kids to enjoy it, right?
Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What Does Home Mean to You?

Home. That word means so many different things to people. I've been thinking a lot about 'home' lately. Pearson and I are about to go 'home' for the holidays. We just went to homecoming at Harding. But by what I think is a real definition, my home is my apartment with Pearson in Ohio. So I wondered what 'home' really means to me and I've compiled a list.
  • Our Apartment
  • The city of Columbus, Ohio
  • The suburb of Dublin, Ohio
  • F & K Church of Christ
  • My parents' house where I grew up
  • My in-laws' house where I spent a lot of time while we are dating and where I now spend about half of my holidays.
  • The city of Atlanta
  • The towns of Sugar Hill and Buford, Georgia
  • Buford Church of Christ
  • North Gwinnett High School
  • Harding University
  • The town of Searcy, Arkansas
  • Cathcart, Searcy, and Shores dorms
  • The upstairs computer lab in the science building at Harding
  • The science building in general at Harding
You know what's interesting? A lot of these places are places I've lived before or at least spend a lot of time there and I still consider them home. Or at least I feel like I'm coming home when I go back and visit. I've come to the conclusion that home really is 'where the heart is', as cliche as that sounds.

What does home mean to you? Do you have a long list like me?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

Gift Guide For That Person You Don't Know Very Well

We all have those people in our lives. We really want to give him or her a gift, but frankly, we really don't know him or her that well. Maybe they live in another state, maybe you've both grown so busy or maybe you're just simply not that close. I'm talking about your brother-in-law, sister-in-law, coworker, neighbor, you name it. And if you're anything like me, you stress about getting them the perfect gift. I always want my gifts to be practical, exciting, and something the recipient will truly enjoy. So today I'm gonna help you out a little, what do you say?
Well that was a mouth-full wasn't it? Anyway, on to the gift ideas!
For the fit girl/exercise nut/yoga enthusiast:
Ok so maybe you don't know exactly what kind of exercising they do. And even if you did, you certainly don't know what kind of equipment they already have. And you can forget about guessing their clothing size, right? So why not some fun accessories?

YogaOutlet.com has some really cute headbands and hair ties to keep her hair out of her face when she's working out. I really like the purple and blue Marika Classic Braid Headband. And you could never go wrong with a cute, yet functional water bottle. My personal favorite is the pink Lifefactory 16 oz Glass Bottle.
For the coffee lover:
In my opinion, you can never ever ever go wrong with coffee. Ok so maybe you can. Some people just don't like it. I will never understand that! But if you do happen to know that the person likes coffee, pick out some fancy, gourmet grounds. And yes, I recommend getting grounds in case this person doesn't have a coffee grinder. Hint hint: the Christmas Blend from Starbucks is always a good choice. Of course you could just do a Starbucks gift card, but that's sorta boring.
For the college student:
A lot of us have a college student to buy for. Whether it's a niece or nephew, cousin or someone related to your significant other, you don't always know them very well either. One thing that most college students would find very useful is a laundry bundle with detergent, dryer sheets, fabric softener, and quarters!

Healthy snacks are always welcome. Go for some granola bars they can eat quick on the go or some healthy, non-buttered, microwave popcorn to snack on during late night study sessions.

Gift cards are welcomed as well. Go for restaurants, groceries and gas. They will love you forever, I promise!
For the brother-in-law, neighbor or another man you don't know well:
How about a food basket? Think manly. Sausage and cheese. Or maybe a jumbo candy bar. What man doesn't love this stuff?? Try something from hickoryfarms.com like this Beef Hearty Hickory Gift Box.
For the sister-in-law, neighbor, or another woman you don't know well:
You certainly don't know her sizes and maybe you're not even familiar with her style. And you don't even know if her ears are pierced (it's happened to me). Get her some personalized stationary! Treat by Shutterfly has some of the cutest stationary that's totally personalizeable (is that a word?). If the girl you're buying for wouldn't absolutely love personalized cards or stationary, there must be something wrong. And it's very practical! Aren't those note cards precious? I couldn't pick just one design to share with you.

Another idea would be a journal. Now I know not everyone loves to journal like I do, but I think most women would really enjoy receiving a special journal to be able to write (or doodle) anything she wants in. YogaOutlet.com comes through again with some adorable handmade journals and notebooks! Seriously guys, these are beautiful! My favorite is the Homeport Traveler's Notebook pictured above.
For anyone and everyone:
You can almost never go wrong with a scarf, beanie or head band ear warmer. Especially if the person you're buying for lives where it gets pretty cold. You can never have too many in my opinion. Or how about a blanket? You can pick out some fabric and make a tie blanket or just buy one of those cozy fleece ones you can find just about anywhere in a fun color.

Speaking of homemade gifts, bake some cookies or make some Christmas candy and hand deliver it on a fun holiday plate.

And last but not least, everybody knows the perfect cop-out gift would be cash or a gift card, but I encourage you to be creative with your gift card choices. Show that you've actually thought about it. Some ideas include...
And why not put that gift card in a personalized holiday card. This shows that you actually spent an effort to make the card personalized, and once again Treat makes it super easy!

So now you have my gift ideas for someone you don't know very well. I hope this helps!
What else would you add to my ideas? Who are you buying for that could use something from here?
Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Sharing Scripture - Thankful Edition

November is a month of Thanks so I thought I'd use that theme for Sharing Scripture today. All of these pictures are things I am thankful for; nature, family, friends, God's Word, and coffee.

Linking up with The Artsy Cajun for Sharing Scripture.
The Artsy Cajun Sharing Scripture
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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Personal Goals for November

If you've been following my personal goals on this blog at all, then you know I haven't been doing very well and I've basically kept the same goals for several months and haven't made any progress. Last month, I literally failed at every goal I set except for "read 2 books." I actually read three; Number the Stars by Lois Lowry, The Perks of Being a Wallflower by Stephen Chbosky, and The Wizard of Oz by L. Frank Baum. 

Anyway, I've decided to do things a little differently this time. I want to get serious about being intentional in my goals and stop slacking off! I have broken down my life into several categories and set some very specific and tangible goals. Here's to meeting all of them!
  • Go to God in prayer when I wake up and when I lie down and about everything in between. I'm gonna keep a prayer journal
  • Spend some daily time in the Word myself as well as what I do with Pearson as I mentioned on Monday.
  • Drink 60+ ounces of water every day.
  • Record everything I consume on My Fitness Pal and stay under my daily calorie goal.
  • Be active in some way every day incorporating both cardio and strength training (running/elliptical/biking and blogilates). Even when I'm out of town! (We're going to the mountains this weekend, then the next week I'll be in Atlanta for work, then we'll be spending Thanksgiving at my Grandma's in Arkansas).
  • No soda! Period.
  • Be in bed by 10:30 every night with exceptions only for special occasions like holidays or vacation.
  • Get up early enough to actually eat a decent breakfast before starting work
  • Finish Christmas gift shopping. I want to have it all finished by Thanksgiving and we're actually almost there!
  • Don't buy another thing for myself all month. I spent way too much at Harding this weekend and I have way too much stuff anyway.
  • Only eat out on weekends.
Free Time:
  • Put technology away at night as I mentioned on Monday.
  • Spend less time on Netflix and more time reading.
  • Going along with the above... Finish Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers and The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows
  • Get most of my blogging done over the weekends or else whenever Pearson is doing homework.
  • Be organized with my planner and have posts planned a week out in advanced.
  • Spend some time (like 30 minutes) right after I get off of work every day reading and commenting on other blog posts.
What are your personal goals this month?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

What I'm Up To {November 2014}

My goodness! Can you guys believe it's November? I know I say that every month, but every month I am genuinely shocked! Let's see what I'll be up to this month, shall we?
Making: Possibly some Christmas gifts.
Cooking: Yummy, warm, Fall soup and chili
Clicking: Meal and gift ideas on Pinterest
Drinking: The holiday drinks from Starbucks
Reading: Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers
Wanting: Some new, cute, chunky sweaters
Looking: A little pale
Playing: Words with Friends
Wishing: Time would slow down!
Enjoying: The crisp Fall air
Waiting: To see all my family over the Holidays
Liking: All the cute baby announcements I saw with pumpkins and in other cute ways that incorporated Halloween
Wondering: How much snow we'll get this Winter. The first flurry is already under our belts...
Loving: Seeing everyone at homecoming last weekend! It really made me miss Harding!
Hoping: To have good weather this weekend when we go to Hocking Hills!
Needing: To spend more time in the Word.
Smelling: My yummy cranberry candle! 
Wearing: My one flannel button down shirt. I wear it All.The.Time. It's so comfy, I love it!
Following: Jessa Duggar's wedding
Noticing: How Christmas comes to the stores earlier and earlier every year.
Knowing: I should be more thankful and what better time to start than November!
Thinking: About how proud I am of how well Pip did with boarding and in Doggy Day Care this weekend. That seriously lifts a weight off my shoulder because we will be boarding him again soon for Thanksgiving.
Feeling: Very exceptionally blessed
Watching: Gilmore Girls on Netflix still
Listening to: Taylor Swift's 1989... Duh!
Obsessing over: Taylor Swift's 1989... Duh!
Shopping for: Christmas Presents
Bothered by: UGA losing to UF. And that's all I'll say about it.
Eating: Warm things.
Praying for: People who have recently lost loved ones as they go into the holidays without them.
Working on: Getting all my music put into my Google Play library
Looking forward to: A big break from work over Christmas/New Years

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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Monday, November 3, 2014

Being Intentional - Marriage & Relationship Goals {link up}

It's time for another Marriage and Relationship Goals post again. I love writing these posts because It gives me a reason to better our relationship and when I put my goals out there in the World Wide Web, it adds an element of accountability. Anyway, all my goals this month involve being intentional about our relationship. However, I want to be intentional in 3 different aspects of our relationship. So here are the ways I'm gonna be intentional in our marriage this month...
Had to use this pic since we went to Harding's homecoming this weekend! #GOBisons
I want to be intentional about praying together every night before bed, before we eat. and at any time during the day that we see fit. And I don't mean the quick, well-rehearsed little "Thank you for our food" prayers. I mean we are going to talk about what we need to pray about and we will pray for our marriage. our future, and anything else we need and want to share with each other and God.

Also, I want to read the bible together. We started each reading a chapter out loud and discussing but we haven't done a good job of keeping up with it and doing it every day. So that's the goal for November.

We need to get away from our technology and spend more time in really conversation with each other. And I say this in a lot of goals posts and it never gets done because I don't actually set tangible goals and boundaries. So this time, I'm gonna set the goal to have no technology at dinner (this one includes TV) and no cellphones, tablets, or computers between dinner and bed time. And maybe no cellphones, tablets, or computers on Sunday afternoons either. We'll see.

Another thing we haven't been intentional about is a regular date night. I would like to shoot for a date night once per week. I know that's difficult and won't happen every week, but we'll try. And TV on our couch doesn't count. Well, maybe it could if we actually plan it and watch a fun movie we haven't seen and do a special dinner with it. The point is to be intentional so I want to make the dates special and to actually feel like we are actually on a date, not just together running errands or relaxing. Does that make sense? And getting into the busy holiday season is no excuse for our relationship to be put on back burner.

What are your relationship goals for this month? Be sure to link up below!
Thanks for reading!

Marriage & Relationship Goals

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us move forward and avoid the "ruts" of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. We would love for you to join us in making the things we do in our relationships intentional. 

If you would like more information, click here. If you would like to sign up for the newsletter, click here. If you are interested in cohosting, click here.

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