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Friday, November 21, 2014

5 Tips to Get Your Christmas Shopping Done Early and Cheap

I am so excited to say that ALL of my Christmas shopping is done! (Ok, with the exception of Pearson and Pip's stocking stuffers and maybe a few other extras I come across before Christmas). And we didn't break the bank doing it either! How you ask? Well, I'll just tell you.
ONE || Host a consultant party!
You know what I'm talking about, right? Thirty-one, Mary Kay, Premier Designs, Jamberry Nails and the list goes on. There are tons of programs out there. Pick one you think the women you're buying for would like and host a party! When you host, you get lots of hostess perks so use them as Christmas gifts. Some of the companies give you so much money's worth of free stuff from their collection based on how much they sell at your party. If you're like me, you don't need any more of whatever it is they're selling. At least you don't need as much as they're trying to give you. So use your free money to buy Christmas presents! It's all done at one place and you are paying very little out of your own pocket!
TWO || Go visit a theme park!
I went to Universal (aka Harry Potter World) in October and I came back with presents for some family members who I know also love Harry Potter. And don't worry, they already know they're getting something from there. I haven't given anything away. Unfortunately, this option is usually not too nice on the wallet but it's totally worth it, right?

THREE || Go visit your Alma Mater (which also happens to be most of your family's Alma Mater as well)!
Who doesn't love memorabilia from the place they spent 4 years of their life? I mean college is where you find out who you are and make tons of memories. You make decisions that might govern the rest of your life and for a lot of people (including my parents and grandparents) it's where you meet your spouse. Who wouldn't love a t-shirt or coffee mug representing their school? And if you go on homecoming weekend, I bet they'll have lots of sales and deals going on at the bookstore!
FOUR || Use Swagbucks and other reward point systems! 
This paragraph contains affiliate links. All opinions are mine. Seriously, Swagbucks.com is awesome!
I was introduced to Swagbucks.com by Amberly. Let me tell you, it's awesome and totally worth it! You get rewards points or "Swagbucks" for doing things you would be doing anyway like searching the web, playing online games, online shopping and watching movie trailers. You can also earn Swagbucks in unique ways like taking surveys, answering poles, clipping coupons, and reading books! Yes reading books! And the best part is you can redeem you Swagbucks any time for eGift cards. And these aren't gift cards to places you would never shop. They have Amazon, Target, Walmart, Starbucks, Paypal, visa and many more! So far I've used Swagbucks that I've been collecting since I signed up in May for a lot of Christmas presents and my bank account certainly thanks me!
FIVE || Make your gifts!
Of course the obvious way to save money on Christmas gifts would be to make them instead of buying them. And it's usually pretty fun to do. Not to mention the feeling of accomplishment when you finish a project, gift it to someone, and see the approval on their face! But maybe you're not that crafty. Or maybe you're just not that confident in your craftiness (I feel you!). Well I say try anyway! And try early! That way if you mess up, you still have time to try again or buy something instead. But if you are satisfied the first time, you're done! Here are some ideas: candles (it looks kind of intimidating but it's not that hard, I promise), scarves, blankets (requires no skill, just maybe a little time and patience), and cookies or candy (this one you maybe shouldn't do too far in advance).

So there you have it. My five tips to get your Christmas shopping done early and cheap!
Have you used any of these ideas? What other tips do you have?
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