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Monday, December 29, 2014

2015 Word of the Year

Last year, I chose a word of the year, Trust. I wrote a post or two or three about it, but I really didn't hold to it all year. I meant to really work on it and put updates on the blog every so often but that didn't happen. So I'd like to try again in 2015.

My 2015 word of the year will be... (drum roll please)... LEARN
I want to learn something with everything I do! I want to study everything i come into contact with. I want to learn about myself. I want to learn about my husband. I want to learn about my friends. I want to learn about everything! And most importantly, I want to learn about my God and my Savior.

We humans are constantly learning in our every day lives. Then only difference is in 2015, I am going to pay attention to what I'm learning. I will make note of it and put in an effort to learn everything I can about everything I can.

This means I'll do a lot of listening and not a lot of talking. I'll listen to what people have to say and learn what they like and don't like. I'll learn what they do and how they feel.

This means I'll do a lot of reading. I'll read scriptures. I'll read devotionals. I'll read fiction novels. I'll read blog posts. I'll read self-help books. I'll read marriage books. I'll read news articles. I'll read magazines.

This means I'll do a lot of studying. I'll study God's word. I'll study what Christianity looks like today vs. what Christianity should look like and looked like in the first century. I'll study our products at work so when someone asks me a question, I don't have to go look it up first. I'll study my relationships. I'll study my husband. I'll study his work. I'll study his likes and dislikes.

I'm very excited for this journey and cannot wait to begin!
What's your word of the year for 2015?
Thanks for reading!
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