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Monday, December 22, 2014

Letters to the World {December 2014}

It's time for December's "Letters to the World" post! Do you know what that means? Christmas is only a few days away!! I am enjoying lots of time with my family, enjoying the season and I thought I'd write a few letters. Enjoy!
Dear Family,
I love you! I'm sorry I don't say that enough and I'm sorry I don't get to see you very often. But I am very glad I get to spend some time with you this week!

Dear Red Flannel Shirt,
You are awesome! I wear you all the time when I'm home (which is a lot since I work from home) and I just wish it would be acceptable to wear you all the time, everywhere I go. You are so warm yet thin and just comfy! I love you!

Dear Santa,
I really like the concept of a magical man who bring presents and Christmas cheer to all the children of the world. I've seen a lot or resistance to you this year. People are telling their children that you're not real when the children are way too young! Parent's aren't letting their kids sit on your lap because they're worried about what might happen! I say, live on, Santa! Keep doing what you're doing and making kids smile!

Dear Work,
I am so glad to have a break from you for a while. No offence, but I'm kinda not real happy with you right now. You've been giving me a headache for a while and I just needed a break. I'll see you again soon though, don't worry!

Dear TSO,
Thanks again for being so awesome for another year! You guys blow me away every year and I particularly enjoyed the new show, "The Christmas Attic" this year. Very well done and cleaver use of props and lights. I look forward to your concert all year, every year! Can't wait till next year!

Dear Husband,
Thanks for going along with my crazy idea to take 2 weeks off of work and drive all over half of the country visiting family and friends! You make the driving fun and totally worth it. Love you!

Dear Readers,
I hope you have a wonderful Christmas week! I'll excuse you for reading this because it's only Monday but I really hope that you'll be spending tons of time with people who love you for the rest of the week! Thanks for being so loyal and making the blog worth it. I love you guys!

Young Charlene at Christmastime,
Please take advantage of what's around you. Be grateful for your presents! But also, be grateful for your family and friends. Soon enough, you are going to go away to college, then get married and move far away from your family. You'll be paying bills, working a real, not-so-fun, job, and driving long distances with a sick dog to see these people. Enjoy having them all so close and soak up every moment! Don't you dare take it for granted.

Who would you write to today?
Thanks for reading!
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