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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

What I'm Up To {December 2014}

Happy December everyone! This month is bound to be full of  happiness and cheer, right? Lets make the best of it! I plan to keep my attitude positive no matter what this month brings and to make myself enjoy the season with my love, friends, and family! So lets see what that looks like 'currently' style, shall we?
Making: Time to enjoy Christmas
Cooking: Crock pot meals. They're warm and don't take a lot of time to fix.
Clicking: Fun holiday blog posts
Drinking: Christmas blend coffee from Starbucks
Reading: Bridge to Haven by Francine Rivers... Still
Wanting: Nothing! I have everything I could ever need and so much more!
Looking: At old pictures my grandma gave me to take home last week.
Playing: Draw Something
Wishing: I could be everywhere I want to be at once on Christmas.
Enjoying: The holiday season
Waiting: Patiently for our 2 week Christmas road trip/vacation
Liking: Christmas music
Wondering: How Pip has felt about us boarding him so much lately and if he will enjoy joining us on our Christmas road trip or if he would rather be boarded again.
Loving: Christmas decorations
Hoping: We don't get too terrible of weather this month. I'd like to post pone the inevitable as long as possible.
Needing: To get some more sleep
Smelling: My "Christmas Cookie" candle
Wearing: Frumpy, cozy. warm clothes.
Following: Info about the new Hobbit movie.
Noticing: How much people change during the holiday season.
Knowing: This Christmas is going to be fantastic!
Thinking: About how blessed I am
Feeling: Cold
Watching: Gilmore Girls, the last episodes of all our shows for a while, and Christmas specials
Listening to: My Christmas Spotify Playlist
Obsessing over: Into the Woods. The movie comes out Christmas day!
Shopping for: Nothing!! :)
Eating: Not as healthy as I would like.
Wasting time on: Pinterest
Praying for: People for whom the Holidays aren't so happy. Maybe they've lost loved ones. Maybe they can't afford to see their family. Maybe Christmas brings back painful memories of estranged family. Whatever it is, I'm praying for them.
Working on: Decorating our apartment!
Looking forward to: Um, Christmas! Duh!

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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