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Thursday, January 22, 2015

Inspiration of the Month: Taylor Swift

I've really been inspired by Taylor Swift this month. She's not an outspoken Christian like most people I find inspirational (Sadie, Mia, Candace, Carrie, The Duggars - you get the idea), but as far as celebrities go, she's pretty inspirational.
Did you know she gave a bunch of her fans Christmas presents? I don't mean that her agent sent out some Taylor paraphernalia to the first 100 people to sign up. I mean that Taylor herself did some social media stalking (or "Tay-lurking" as she called it) and picked some fans to go shopping for. She picked out items she thought they would like and sent them along with hand-written letters. Watch this video and be wonder stuck! (see what I did there?)
Pretty cool, huh? I ask you... what other celebrity do you know who would do that? Not many!

She also held several "1989 Secret Sessions" at her various homes across the globe where fans came over, took pictures, ate her home-made cookies, and listened to 1989 before it came out! How cool is that? Side Note: I'm a pretty big Taylor fan. How do you get picked for these things?

She never cusses in her music. She may use the Lord's name in vain and say some other things that I don't agree with as a Christian, but she really tries hard to live by her own high standard. She knows the kind of influence she has over young girls and she doesn't take that lightly.
Taylor is so very humble. She is always so genuinely thankful for her fans and she always seems shocked with every award she wins. She is always talking about how she got lucky with her music and she's really no different than anyone else. Her music even reflects this. She writes from her own experience, but everyone can relate to it. I've even seen her write to fans on social media to try and help them with their struggles! In fact, she comments on Instagram a lot! (again, where's my comment, Taylor? lol)

Last but not least, Taylor doesn't let the haters bother her. People say a lot of things about her. Tabloids lie and people speculate, but she doesn't feed the gossip. She just shakes it off and maybe uses it for inspiration for her next hit song!

What do you think? Are you a Taylor fan? What else has she done that inspires you?
Thanks for reading!
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