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Monday, January 5, 2015

Learning About My Husband - Marriage & Relationship Goals {link up}

Welcome to the re-launch of the Marriage and Relationship Goals linkup for 2015. As I said last week, my word for this year is LEARN. I want to try to incorporate that word in every aspect of my life. For my marriage, I want to learn about my husband. 
My goal for my marriage this month is to listen to Pearson without interrupting him. I will put technology away in the evenings and give him my undivided attention. We will sit down to dinner and tell each other about our days. We will go on long walks (yes even though it's Winter. It helps with cabin fever) and talk about our jobs, our dreams, our future, our past and anything in between. 
I also want to learn about my husband emotionally. We are going to re-take the Love Language Quiz in the next few days because people's love languages change. Once we do that and I know Pearson's primary and secondary love languages, I will study how he gives and receives love and learn his love dialects.
I know a lot about my husband having been with him for eight and a half years, but there is always more to learn! I want to learn everything I can about him and I will remember it.

What goals do you have for your marriage this month? Did you pick a word for 2015? Are you incorporating that word in your marriage? Be sure to link up below!
Marriage & Relationship Goals

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