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Thursday, January 29, 2015

Thankful Thursday Party - January

Today for Thankful Thursday, I am thankful for God's Grace! You know, we don't deserve Heaven. We don't deserve a savior and a chance to live in Paradise with The Father. We are sinners. We have been cut off from God through our selfish desires and deceit. But God shows us mercy. He forgives just because he loves us. And He shows us Grace. He has given us salvation. 
Vucano Mesaya (Mt. Messiah volcano), Nicaragua
I've done a lot of spiritual thinking (for lack of a better term) lately. This thinking was brought on partially from the She Reads Truth #365DaysOfTruth study and the Gospel of John study. And it's partially because I started reading Muscle and a Shovel by Michael Shank on the plane to Atlanta on Sunday. What I've discovered is that our God is truly awesome. Of course, I knew this before, but it's just very present in my mind right now.

God works in every aspect of our lives. He loves us and only wants what's best for us! "God wants what's best for you so to not want God is to not want what's best for you" -John Luke Robertson. Everything God does and commands us to do is for our own good. He LOVES us! Even if it seems like sin is so much better and more fun here and now, God knows the pain it can bring later.

Anyway, before I get too far off on a tangent, and since I can't put what I'm thinking into words in any way that would do it justice, I'll just say that I'm thankful we have a God who cares, who's present with us always, and who gives us mercy and grace when we mess up. Which is all the time.

What are you thankful for this month? It could be something deep or spiritual or it could be something simple or silly! Be sure to link up below!

We have so much to be thankful for and a lot of us take that for granted. Lets change that! I bring you the #ThankfulThursdayParty linkup with Charlene @ From Bisons to Buckeyes! We will be writing about what we are thankful for and linking  up on the last Thursday of every month. I would love to have you and can't wait to see what you're thankful for in your life! 

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From Bisons to Buckeyes: Thankful Thursday Party

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