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Friday, January 2, 2015

What I'm Up To {January 2015}

You guys! Can you believe it's January... 2015?!?! Where did 2014 go? It's gonna be a great month and a great year! So let's see what I'm up to this month!
Making: Stuffed burlap "wreaths." My BFF gave me this one for Christmas and showed me how to make them so now I want to make one for every season holiday.
Cooking: Healthy meals. And crock pot meals. One of my new year's resolutions is to eat healthy and that means not eating out very much.
Clicking: Healthy recipes on Pinterest
Drinking: Water. And lots of it.
Reading: Bridge to Haven still. Also, the whole Bible in one year, other She Reads Truth Studies, The One Year Love Language Minute Devotional, and blog posts.
Wanting: Not much really. I got plenty f "stuff" for Christmas.
Looking: A little pudgier after the holidays. But I'm already working to fix that.
Playing: Trivia Crack!!! Challenge me!
Wishing: Death wasn't a reality of our world.
Enjoying: The last few days of our Holiday Roadtrip.
Waiting: For my Birthday
Liking: All the new clothes and other things I got for Christmas
Wondering: How everybody's holidays were! Let me know in the comments!
Loving: The time we've spent with family and friends on this trip!
Hoping: We can easily get back on track with work and real life when we get home.
Needing: Some time to myself to re-coup
Smelling: Ashley's lovely candles around the house.
Wearing: My new pajamas, sweaters, and boots I got for Christmas
Following: The #365DaysOfTruth study on She Reads Truth!
Noticing: How much more mild this winter has been so far compared to last year *knocks on wood*
Knowing: This year is going to be the best yet!
Thinking: I can keep on track with all my resolutions this year!
Feeling: Confident in the above!
Giggling: At Pip playing with his cousin, Gunner!
Watching: Friends on Netflix!!!!!
Listening to: The Into the Woods movie soundtrack
Obsessing over: Ohio State and Oregon in the National Championship!!!
Shopping for: Pearson's Valentine's and Birthday presents. I like getting a head start. :)
Learning: Everything I can about everything I can. (Learn is my word of the year)
Eating: Healthy foods and less of everything.
Wasting time on: All social media
Praying for: The Schmizze family and our church family who suddenly and unexpectedly lost 2 elders in 5 weeks.
Working on: Myself, my resolutions, and learning.
Looking forward to: My birthday in less than a week!

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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