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Thursday, February 19, 2015

A Low-Key Valentine's Day is My Favorite

This Valentine's day was very special in it's own way. I'm usually not a big fan of Valentine's day and I certainly hate going out and fighting the crowds. I'm also that big into dressing up and going all fancy on dates. However, I am a fan of intentionally dating your spouse. But you can certainly do that on a low scale or without even leaving your home!

On Valentine's day, we both had dentist appointments in the morning. I know, so romantic, right? But after our appointments, we decided to head to La Chatelaine for a romantic brunch. And boy was it romantic! We sat by the window and watched the snow cover the earth in a beautiful white blanket. We hung out for a long time after we finished our breakfast drinking too many cups of coffee and we even splurged on some dessert.
After our romantic brunch, we went to the grocery store to pick up some things for what we had planned that night. When we got home, we chilled for a while watching Friends on Netflix. Even though the apartment was a mess, we didn't do any chores and we both left our phones in the other room all day.

Around about 5 pm we started dinner. We'd decided on breakfast for dinner a few days earlier (before we knew we were going to brunch) because it's easy to cook together. You know, there is such a thing as "too many cooks in the kitchen" and for me a lot of times that happens at 2 people... Anyway, so Pearson made a wonderful skillet of potatoes, eggs, chicken, bacon, and cheese while I made pancakes.
In the living room, I set up a small table made of 2 TV trays, used a sheet as a table cloth, and a battery powered candle as a center piece. Eating by candle light and in a different location than usual helped make the date seem extra special.

We enjoyed our dinner and then watched Sleepless in Seattle. I think Pearson actually enjoyed the movie even if he won't admit it himself.

How was your Valentine's Day? Thanks for reading!
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