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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Birthday Gift For Every Hour

Yesterday was Pearson's birthday and I wanted to do something really special this year. 25 is kind of a big deal and I just love planning things and spoiling that hubby of mine. So I decided to give him 12 gifts; one on every hour starting with when he woke up. You have probably seen this idea on the internet. Here is the original pin I got the idea from. Here is the post the pin is linked to. And here is the post that blogger referenced.

Anyway, even though this idea isn't new and is already all over the internet, I wanted to share what I did. First of all, since Monday was president's day and Pearson's boss was out of town, he decided to take that day off to in honor of his birthday. So that's when I did the gifts even though his birthday was actually yesterday (Tuesday).
Above are some of the gifts I gave him. For the 'bigger' gifts, I gave him the next 2 books in the Wheel of Time series since he's collecting them and 2 marvel DVDs because we're collecting those too. I also gave him some things to go on his new desk in his new office because his lab group just moved to a new office in a nicer building and he as a lot more space. Some of these included a funny desk calendar, a framed wedding photo of us, and a water bottle to keep him hydrated at work. And I included some other little fun things like his favorite snacks and drink and Darth Vader body wash from the dollar section of Target.
I tried to wrap them all the same and numbered them 1-12. I didn't put actual times on them because I wasn't sure when he would wake up since he wasn't going to work that day. I did work that day though so I just brought him one present at a time on the 25 minute mark of each hour since he turned 25. He played video games most of the day and whenever I came out he would say "It's time again already??"
When we went to bed that night he said "I don't want this day to end." That husband of mine is such a cutie! I think the whole thing was a success, what do you think?

Thanks for reading!
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