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Friday, February 6, 2015

How to Love Your Spouse: Acts of Service

Happy Friday everyone! This has been one of the longest weeks of my life and I am so ready for the weekend! Friday also means its time for a Love Language post. This week is the last Love Language in this series and it is Acts of Service!
Pearson cooking breakfast because I am SO not a morning person!
Acts of Service is interesting to me because I've never put much thought to it. It's always been at the bottom of both mine and Pearson's love language list. BUT when I retook the quiz in at the beginning of January, all the Acts of Service things it mentioned sounded so nice and what do you know, it moved up to spot number 2! However, it's still at the bottom of Pearson's list and that's why it's the last one I'm talking about.
  1. Ask for requests. Ask him what things he could use your help on or what you could do that would make him feel loved. Compile a list and stay on it!
  2. Do a chore that's usually his job. In our home an example would be taking out the trash.
  3. Clean a little extra sometime. I mean enough so that he notices.
  4. Fix the light bulb that's been bothering him or do other things on his long to-do list when you have time.
  5. Do his laundry and mend his clothes without his asking
  6. Scrape ice off his car before he leaves for work or fill his gas tank and wash his care when he doesn't expect it.
  7. Do something BIG like cleaning out the basement or garage and put a sign on it saying "for you"
  8. Cook his favorite meal. And cook for him in general.
  9. Put his towel in the dryer while he's showering so it's warm when he gets out!
  10. Bring him lunch at work. Especially if it's out of your way.
What kind of Acts of Service do you do for your spouse?
Maybe Pearson will read this and get a few ideas for me. :) Thanks for reading!
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