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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Ways to Spoil Your Hubby for Valentine's Day

Valentine's day is Saturday! I used to hate Valentine's day. Even when I had a boyfriend. But now I really enjoy spending Valentine's day with the hubby. There's just something about being married that just takes Valentine's pressure off, you know? Anyway, I thought I'd share some ideas for how to make your special someone feel special this Valentine's day!
Let's start with some ideas for gifts, shall we?
  • Giant Microbes- Now this may not be something special for your hubby, but mine loves them. Last year I got him a Giant Microbes heart box which contained kissing disease among other things. It was so cute!
  • Boxers- you could buy him a a pack of his favorite brand and fit or you could find him some fun Valentine's themed ones.
  • Baked Goods- For our first dating Valentine's day, I baked Pearson a heart shaped cake and he LOVED it. He still talks about it. Truly the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.
  • Love Coupons- Now of course I think you should show love to your spouse all the time and there is no need for coupons, but sometimes it's fun to just play around with these. The anticipation of when he will use the coupons is exciting and it certainly helps with communication on how he wants to feel loved today.
  • Tickets to something he wants to see- maybe a game, a concert, or a comedian coming to town.
  • Watch- We girls seem to get a lot of jewelry on romantic holidays, why not include the boys!

Now for some ideas to celebrate.
  • Skip the crowds and cook his favorite meal at home. Or cook something together and make that part of the fun. Pearson and I have decided that we are going to make breakfast for dinner together. It's not real fancy, but it's easy to make together and we can make it special. Can you say whipped cream and strawberries on top of pancakes?
  • Light candles and dim the lights to set the mood. Use fancier dishes and a lace tablecloth. Do whatever you need to to make this more special than a typical dinner at home.
  • Create a romantic playlist on Spotify to play throughout the evening. Last year I only used songs from our wedding. I think this year I'll add some of my more recent favorites.
  • Slow dance in the living room after dinner. Or find some ballroom dancing lessons on Youtube.
  • Plan a romantic movie. Even if he pretends not to like it, I think boys enjoy the occasional chick flick. (emphasis on the word occasional)
You don't have to go all out, get dressed up, fight the crowds compete with other couples. Just do whatever you need to do to make Valentine's day special. I'm not suggesting that you shouldn't make your spouse feel special every day of the year, but it's fun to have an excuse to do a little extra, right?

How do you plan on spoiling your sweetheart for Valentine's day?
Thanks for reading!
Helene in Between
(I'll be linking this post up with Helene and Sara on Friday, but I wanted to post it early in case any of you wanted to use these ideas and needed time to plan)
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