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Thursday, February 5, 2015

What I'm Up To {February 2015}

Happy February again, everyone! It's the month of love. Lets start by loving ourselves. I had a very good January and I'm excited to have a fantastic February. My life is so good. Lets see what I'm up to this month, shall we?
Making: Time for God and Pearson
Cooking: More in general
Clicking: Articles that help me refresh my programming knowledge because I've moved to "Junior Developer" at work!!
Drinking: Water
Reading: Muscle & a Shovel by Michael Shank, The Bible in a year. And the She Reads Truth Esther study
Playing: Trivia Crack, Draw Something, and Words With Friends
Wishing: It would be summer already
Enjoying: Finding the perfect gifts for Pearson for Valentine's Day and his birthday
Waiting: For Spring
Liking: Reading through both Job and James in the #365DaysOfTruth right now
Wondering: How you're all doing on your New Year's resolutions! Let me know!
Loving: My"Promotion" at work! I made a lateral move to "Junior Developer" this week. I am so excited and it is certainly a promotion in my book even if it technically isn't in the company.
Hoping: The Seahawks win.
Needing: To refocus my life. I need to get rid of "things" I don't need so there's more room for a relationship with the Father. I want to be more like Mary and less like Martha.
Smelling: Like Bath and Body Works' "Endless Weekend." My sister-in-law gave me spray, lotion, and body wash in this scent 
Wearing: Fun work out clothes that make me more excited to work out.
Following: The Oscars. Sorta. I have hardly seen any of the nominated movies but it's still always exciting to follow along.
Noticing: That I'm growing up. I'm almost as old as the "Friends" were in the first season.
Knowing: God loves me and wants me to have a relationship with Him.
Thinking: My life is so good right now! I am truly blessed and I want to use those blessings to bless others.
Feeling: Good about how well I've done so far on my resolutions. More on that tomorrow!
Giggling: At my coworkers. That's one plus to working in the office like I did last week
Watching: Friends, Agent Carter, and all our live shows that come back soon.
Listening to: A Capella worship music on Spotify.
Obsessing over: THIS!!! <- Check it out. You won't be sorry! Ok, I'll tell you that it has to do with a famous Witch becoming a Disney Princess!
Shopping for: V-Day and birthday gifts for Pearson
Learning: About EVERYTHING because "learn" is my word of the year
Bothered by: People saying 22 was too young to get married. And judging me.
Eating: Healthy
Wasting time on: Lots of things.
Praying for: God to open my heart for me to see the needs of others around me and to give me a cheerful heart and good attitude about serving others.
Working on: Having cheery attitude
Looking forward to: Pearson's birthday and Valentine's Day

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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