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Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Confession Session

ONE || I usually don't record my food on MyFitnessPal on the weekends because sometimes it's just too shameful.

TWO || Ohio has completely ruined snow for me. I used to love it. Now I can't stand it.

THREE || I'm not a fan of rain either but the other day when it was raining instead of snowing, I got pretty excited!

FOUR || Sometimes Pearson and I sing worship hymns while we're laying in bed at night. What do you think our neighbors think?

FIVE || I have now only seen 2 movies that were nominated for the big Oscar categories this year: Into the Woods and The Imitation Game.

SIX || I drink so much coffee, Lorelei Gilmore would be impressed.

SEVEN || We finished season 8 of Friends last night. That's right. 8 seasons in just over 2 months.

EIGHT || I'm a book-adapted-to-movie snob. I understand that you can't convey everything in a book onto the big screen, but at least do the book justice. That's all I ask.

NINE || I tend to hibernate in the winter. I usually only leave the house on the weekends. 

TEN || This means I usually only change out of my pajamas and put makeup on on the weekends too.

ELEVEN || In fact, some days I only change out of my pajamas to work out on my lunch break and then I put them back on after I shower.

TWELVE || I go way too long without washing my hair. I shower often, but I hate having to dry and style my hair so I only wash it 2 or 3 times per week and the rest of the time try really hard not to get it wet in the shower.

THIRTEEN || I keep getting behind on the #365DaysOfTruth and then reading like 5 days worth in one sitting.

FOURTEEN || I sort of freaked out when I turned 25 in January. Like, I'm half way through this decade. I have close friends who are in their thirties. Eek!

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What do you have to confess today?
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I'd love to introduce to you Felecia of! Felecia and I connected through the Peony Project and I am so excited to have her hanging out on my sidebar this month! 
Lifestyle Blog // Style Blog // Twitter // Instagram // Pinterest
Here's what she has to say about herself and her blog...
"Hello Felecia is a lifestyle blog of a writer, currently unpublished but working toward changing that fact. I am in my twenties, a fan of period pieces, the 1920s, fairytales, and all shades of purple. I'm an avid reader, music listener, and enjoy hands on projects and creating. My name is Felecia Efriann, meaning Joyful and Fruitful, two things I hope I live up to."
I asked Felecia some questions so we could get to know her better... 
  1. What is your favorite way to de-stress? I like to cook or have at home spa day while watching one of my favorite movies like my all-time favorite Sound of Music or a period piece.
  2. If you could quit your job for 3 months and have all your responsibilites taken care of, what would you do? Oh and money is not an object. I would travel. visit a few of my Lifetime to do list travel spots. I would choose January through March so I could include a couple different award shows as part of my travel plans and maybe even a fashion week. It would have to include money toward shopping as well as time to enjoy the scenery from behind a camera lens as well as coffee shops. The trip would not be complete without including tasting food from different cultures.
  3. What is something you would love to attempt if you knew you couldn't fail? I like to accomplish everything I do with that mindset. Right now, what I'm working on is a few different novels and sketching designs for a fashion line.
Go show Felecia some love and check out these great posts while you're there!
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