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Friday, March 13, 2015

Happy Friday!

Thank goodness it's Friday. This has been a long week and all I want to do is chill with friends. Good thing that's what we're doing like all weekend. Lets move on the the Friday Five, what do you think?

ONE || I feel like I shouldn't even do a Friday 5 this week. I mean it just seems so unfair that I'm continuing on with life and enjoying 5 things this week when Nicholas isn't experiencing life on Earth anymore. But one thing I have loved this week that came out of the tragedy is getting to see God's children come together and serve Nick's family and friends. The Church is truly such a blessing. I also really enjoyed the memorial service last night and was blessed by all the kind words and stories. He was truly a special kid.
TWO || I need to find some way to make myself focus. Lately I've been having a really hard time staying on task and getting work done. Sure there's been stuff going on in my personal life but that's no excuse to sit on social media or blog or play games on my phone when I should be productive.
THREE || Spring is in the air! I actually took Pip on a long walk to and around the park on Tuesday. It was awesome! I haven't done that since the Fall and we were both way overdue. It rained all day that day, so it was really wet and muddy but still totally worth it. I've also had the window in my office open a lot this week because it's been warm enough and not much makes me happier than that!

FOUR || The best tech support ever! This truly had me cracking up. It's definitely a computer nerd thing, but so funny and worth a read!

FIVE || Everybody seems to be having babies right now and I am so excited! People always told me that after you get married all your friends will start having babies and you'll get baby fever. Well, they were half right. All my friends seem to be having babies, but I do NOT have baby fever. I am so happy for my friends and I love babies, I'm just not ready for my own. I'll settle for "Aunt Charlene" right now thank you!

So how has your week gone?
Thanks for reading!
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