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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baking & Decorating Cookies - Project Date Your Husband March

A couple weeks ago, Pearson got home relatively early for a Monday and out of the blue he said, "Let's bake and decorate cookies tonight!" We bought some cookie dough to make cookies during the holidays but never used it so it's been in our freezer. I was a little surprised but super excited!

So we thawed out the dough and got the flour and rolling pin out. I looked through my cookie cutters and the only ones I had that weren't Christmas-y were a diamond ring (for a bridal shower) and a heart. Oh and when we bought Christmas icing, we couldn't find red so we got pink. So we had pink, green and some black. Basically, we made ChiO (my club at Harding) cookies! 
We rolled out the dough and started cutting. Honestly, I think Pearson ate more dough than what ended up in his cookies. Below are our cookies just before putting them in the oven. Can you tell which ones are Pearson's? lol Oh and we decided to add a few stars because they weren't that Christmas-y and I had to do one gingerbread man!
When they were done baking, we started decorating. Below are Pearson's cookies...
And these are mine.
These two are my favorite: my ChiO heart and my little dude!
The cookies were delicious even if they didn't look perfect. And we may or not have eaten all of them in one sitting. Not to mention all the little bites of dough we ate in the process!

We had a blast and I loved that it was all Pearson's idea. And it was sort of spontaneous for a Monday night. And it sure beat just sitting in front of the TV all night.
Thanks for reading!
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