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Monday, April 20, 2015

Letters to the World {April 2015 - Link Up}

It's time for some more letters to the world! Don't forget, this is a link up now and will be open for a week so grab the button, write some letters, and link up!
Dear Gilmore Girls,
How are you so addicting and so good? I can't stop watching. And lately I've been getting so emotional with the show that it's almost like these things are happening to my real life friends. I guess that's kinda sad but props to you for creating a show that does that to people. Why did it ever go off the air?

Dear Pearson
I really miss you when you work so much. And when I'm in Atlanta. I can't wait to get to a point in our lives where things slow down and we can actually be together more often than maybe an hour per day between 11 PM and midnight.

Dear #30PhotosInBetween,
I love this Instagram challenge! It really is challenging me to be creative and post more pictures on Instagram. I look for possible photos everywhere and always try to get the best angle. I rack my brain to think of perfect and creative shots for each of the prompts. I have never used instagram this much and I have never had so many likes and comments on my photos. It's great!

Dear Once Upon A Time,
Bringing Zelena (the Wicked Witch) back was genius. I think she was my favorite villain. But the way you brought her back was even more brilliant! I was shocked for sever days after that episode. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. The writers are geniuses!

Dear Josiah Duggar,
Congrats on your courtship with Marjorie Jackson. She is precious and I am so excited for the spotlight to be on one of the male Duggars again.

Dear Spring Sing,
Oh I so wish I could have been there this year. I mean some of the shows were Willy Wonka, Disney, Harry Potter and Star Wars. If you know me at all, you know how much each of those things means to me! This was the first time in 7 years that I wasn't in Searcy to see the show and now is when you all decide to do those shows?? Ugh!

Dear Thunderstorms,
I love you. So many people hate you but I love you. I love watching you. I love working to your sounds with the windows open. I'll admit being out and about when you hit unexpectedly often not to fun but sometimes I like to purposely go outside and play in you. Most of all, I love you because you are not snow and you represent spring!!!

What would you write in an open letter to the world today? Link up below!
Thanks for reading!
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