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Thursday, April 16, 2015

My 10 Favorite Blogs

Some of these are bloggers who hardly even know I exist but I love their blog and stop by to read every day. Others have become very close friends of mine in the blog world so I included them even though they might not blog very often or don't have the most popular blog out there. And some are in between.
So here they are in no particular order (the little blurbs were either taken from their blogs or are direct quotes the bloggers have shared with me for a guest post or spotlight)...
  1. A Prioritized Marriage: "An inspirational blog based on making marriage a priority through every stage of life."
  2. The Random Writings of Rachel: "On any given day, if you come by my blog, you might find yourself reading about the latest prank Angel pulled on me, my passionate love for the pair of wedge sneakers I bought for 75 cents, a recent Mandarin fail, or the bizarre sentence I overheard while eavesdropping at the grocery store."
  3. A Beautiful Ministry: "A blog about finding beauty in the every day Ministry of Motherhood."
  4. Simple Moments Stick: "My heart behind my blog is to connect with other women around the country (and world!) to love and encourage one another"
  5. Elizabeth Loves Blog: "This blog is a compilation of my many interests and I love sharing my thoughts, passions, and creativity with my readers."
  6. The Samantha Show: "I blog about anything and everything from fashion tips to parenting advice to heartfelt rants and more. I pride myself on being honest and telling it like it is; no sugar coating here."
  7. Venus Trapped in Mars: "Laughing is my cardio so I hope you came ready to work out"
  8. Two Martinis: "This blog is full of my own thoughts about marriage and motherhood and life in general, as well as some tips and tricks I've learned along the way. I hope to inspire you to live with intention, in whatever stage of life you're in!"
  9. The Artsy Cajun: "A lifestyle blog where you will find a bit of everything from photography, DIY tutorials, recipes, and travel tips!"
  10. Helene In Between: "I wanted [my blog] to represent me. My life, what I love and really... everything in between. So Helene (pronounced like Hell - Lean) in Between was born."
I hope you'll check out these lovely ladies! They've all inspired me along the way in one way or another. What blogs do I need to add to my list? Who are your favorites?
Thanks for reading!
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