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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Let me tell you a story...

Once upon a time... Actually it was April 21st... I was sitting at my desk in the Gainesville office when it hit me! Avengers: Age of Ultron tickets are probably going fast! So I texted Pearson and we discussed when we wanted to see it.
The movie came out on Friday, May 1st and we thought about seeing it Thursday but decided we were too old and mature for midnight premiers. So then we looked at times for Friday night. Several of the theaters we go to around here have assigned seats and they only had horrible (front row or way to the side) seats left. We went back and forth for a while and finally decided to get tickets for Saturday at 11:20 AM because tickets are almost half price before noon.

When I got home from Atlanta that weekend, I suggested that we use the next week to watch all of the Marvel movies in order to get ready for Age of Ultron. We did and it got us super excited!
Then all day on Thursday, we kept talking to people and seeing friends on social media getting ready to go see the movie. We kept getting more antsy and jealous with every tweet, post, and status.

That night, after dinner, we watched Guardians of the Galaxy, the last of our Marvel-ous marathon (have to give Elizabeth credit for that great pun)! I don't know why, but I was so tired that I fell asleep on the couch during the movie. But let it be known: that was the only one I fell asleep in all week. And, if we're being honest, Guardians doesn't really count at this point anyway, right?

So after we finished it, I went straight to bed at about 10:00. But my brother texted me to ask if we were seeing Age of Ulron that night and to tell me that he and his girlfriend were waiting to get into the theater.

"Ugh! Even Tyler is seeing it tonight!" I shouted from bed to Pearson who was reading in the other room. "We should just go!"

"We should!"

"Yeah but it's probably sold out..."

"There's no harm in checking!"

He came bouncing into the bedroom as I pulled up the fandango app on my phone. I found a showing for 10:45 at the closest theater to our apartment. And wouldn't you know? There were actually two decent seats left together! We snatched them up at about 10:15! Mind you, I was in my pajamas with no makeup on and hadn't washed my hair because I wasn't planning on going anywhere (oh the perks of working from home). So I jumped out of bed, put on my Avengers t-shirt and jeans, covered my disgusting hair with dry shampoo and pulled it back, and threw on some BB cream and mascara.
When we got to the theater it was pretty crowded so we got a terrible parking spot and basically ran to the door. We printed our tickets from the kiosk but had a little trouble (of course, because we were in a hurry). So we went to the counter and finally got it sorted out. When we finally got into the theater, the previews had already started, but I snuck out to get a cup of coffee anyway. I didn't think I was gonna have trouble staying awake, but I just needed it, you know?

Spoiler alert! (This paragraph only)
The movie was fantastic! I mean simply amazing. There were a few confusing things that I didn't catch the first time, but it all made sense the second time I watched it (more on that later). I'm usually not too crazy about the fight scenes but these had a lot of dialog throughout and they were really cool. And can I just say... I love Scarlet Witch! I think she's my new favorite Avenger. And at first I wasn't too crazy about the Banner/Romanoff romance because hello? Betty Ross! But then I thought about how they can't make a Hulk movie because of rights and how Bruce and Nat were the only ones who have never had a love interest so it makes sense and I actually kinda like the idea now.
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So after the movie, we were a little hungry because it was 1:30 AM and we hadn't eaten since dinner. So we went to Steak-N-Shake. Need less to say, we didn't get very much sleep Thursday night. But, surprisingly, I was more awake than usual Friday morning. However, it certainly hit me by the afternoon. Friday night we ordered pizza and literally ate it in bed while watching Netflix.

Saturday, we got up and went to Tim Horton's for breakfast before seeing Age of Ultron again. What? We already had the tickets. We couldn't waste them! And it was even better the second time! I understood everything a little better. I caught things I missed the first time. And I actually started crying before certain things happened, knowing they were coming.
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After the movie, Pearson had to go to work so I was actually sort of productive. I did some shopping and got things done around the house. I really like going to the movies before noon!

So the moral of this story is... If we're talking about a Marvel Cinematic Universe movie, Charlene and Pearson simply cannot wait till Saturday. Also, you don't have to wait till midnight or after for a movie premier anymore! They start showing at 8:00 PM the night before. So it's really not that irresponsible anyway. And finally, why shouldn't we do these things while we can before there are little Maugeris running around, right?

Did you see Avengers: Age of Ultron this weekend? Did you see it Thursday night? Did you like it as much as we did?
Thanks for reading!
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