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Thursday, May 7, 2015

Throwback Thursday Graduation Style

In honor of my brother's and cousin's graduations from Harding this weekend, I thought I'd do a little Throwback Thursday to when Pearson and I graduated from Harding. I graduated in December of 2011 a semester early and Pearson graduated in May of 2012. We took a lot more pics at my graduation because there were much fewer people graduating and it wasn't as hectic.

My Graduation:
My cheering section
I'm on stage
Got the diploma!
Wow! A lot of people loved me enough to stay at school during Christmas break and watch me graduate!
We only had 2 graduates from the Comp Sci department that semester and the teachers actually out numbered us
Dr. Baird!
My dad was a Comp Sci major at Harding and he had both Dr. Baird and Dr. Baber as teachers just like me!
The only other Chi-O Science graduate that semester :)
Coach Ragsdale (one of my comp sci professors) grew up attending church with my grandma, grandpa, and Dad.

Pearson's Graduation:
Look how young all three of them look here! I feel old!
Always have to have a goofy one.. BOX socks represent!
Thanks for reading!

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