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Friday, May 1, 2015

What I'm Up To {May 2015}

Happy May everybody! It's not been a secret here on the blog that I've had a rough couple of months. I'm so ready for a fresh start! And I'm ready for spring. Do you think Ohio will finally recognize that it's spring during the third month of it? I hope so. It is supposed to be warmer today then it has been. And it's supposed to stay that way. We'll see, I suppose. And how crazy is it that our apartment complex pool opens today and the high is only 70. I just don't get that. Anyway, enough of my rambling. Lets move on to what I'll be up to this month, shall we?
Making: Attainable goals that I'm really excited about
Cooking: Crock Pot Meals
Clicking: Crock Pot Meals on Pinterest
Drinking: Lots of water
Reading: Still Little Women but I'm almost done. I have no idea what I'm gonna read after that. And I'm reading the Bible a lot more this month!
Wanting: A new wardrobe for summer. I feel like I have nothing to wear but my closet is overflowing... And I feel like a diva or something saying that. lol 
Looking: Probably a little tired. I've been going non stop. Trips to Atlanta for work, a wedding a few weeks ago, graduation next week... It never ends.
Playing: The Covet Fashion game on my phone. Lame I know. But I'm kinda addicted.
Wishing: The world wasn't so full of hate
Enjoying: Having Pearson come home a little earlier than he has been.
Waiting: Patiently for Fuller House to come to Netflix next year
Liking: That it's supposed to finally warm up over the weekend and stay that way for a while.
Wondering: How many Avengers are going to be in Avengers: Infinity War.
Loving: My incredible husband. He is my rock for sure. I'm so proud of all he's doing and his efforts to have a good attitude about work and everything else.
Hoping: To get outside more once it warms up.
Needing: To stop spending money
Smelling: Spring. I pan to work with my window open a lot this month. I love the smells of Spring
Wearing: Sweatshirts still. Good grief! It's May!
Following: Josiah Duggars courtship with Marjorie and Jessa & Ben's new baby.
Noticing: Lots of people are having babies lately. Like a lot of my friends from college.
Feeling: Good. I've been working out and eating well this week and my body feels good. Here's to keeping it up.
Giggling: At all the language jokes in Age of Ultron (we saw it last night. See: Obsessing Over, a few items down)
Watching: Once Upon a Time, Supernatural, Sleepy Hollow, Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Big Bang Theory, and Gotham. You know, the usual.
Listening to: I've rediscovered my Broadway Playlist on Spotify
Obsessing over: Avengers: Age of Ultron! It's only hours away! UPDATE: We saw it last night! We couldn't wait till Saturday like originally planned. We're seeing it tomorrow too though because we already have tickets.
Shopping for: Bathing suits. I want summertime already.
Learning: Lots of things. Just read this post if you wanna know.
Bothered by: Pearson being gone all the time. But such is life.
Eating: Healthy food
Wasting time on: My phone. Whether it's social media or games, I am always on my phone. It needs to stop.
Praying for: The Smith family and all of Nicholas' friends
Working on: My attitude. I want to be a happy person all the time.
Looking forward to: My brother's graduation from Harding!

What are you up to this month?
Thanks for reading!
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