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Friday, June 12, 2015

Dearest Delights

A couple weeks ago, Cara of MaskCara wrote a post about Pet Peeves & Dearest Delights. She made a fantastic point about how if you asked someone what is something they don't like, they'd probably say something that nobody likes. But if you ask them a pet peeve, they start to get specific and unashamedly give unique answers. It's so true!

Cara also said that she thinks there should be a good version of a pet peeve. Like something you really like that's unique to you. She calls them "Dearest Delights."

I really like hearing about people's pet peeves because because it's a fun way to get to know a little more about them. How much more fun would dearest delights be?

So I thought I'd share some of mine!
Not setting an alarm for Saturday morning! Oh it's the best. I love going to bed on Fridays and remembering that I don't have to turn on the alarm. Even if I don't sleep in very long in the morning, it's great to get up when I want to and my body is ready instead of being bullied by a loud alarm! I love waking up slowly, getting a cup of coffee and reading the Bible as I come to reality and get ready for the day ahead. (this doesn't happen on days when I have to get up for work)

Pictures of new dads with their new babies. Oh they just melt my heart! Men with puppies comes in a close second. But there's just something about that moment when a man is seems raw and vunerable because he's showing his pure, unconditional, love and admiration for his child.

Late night Steak-n-Shake runs. These probably happen far too often than they should. I'm sure our health and our bank account both suffer because of them.

Being able to talk to my husband about anything and everything under the sun! I'm not gonna elaborate too much here but let's just say, it could get deep in our conversations or be very shallow and sort of weird and gross.

Thunderstorms. I feel like I've talked about them a lot on here before, but they're just so mezmorizing. I love watching them and feeling God's awesome power. I love reading during them on a covered deck or porch. And I especially love falling asleep or waking up to the sounds.

Road trips with Pearson and WITHOUT music! You probably think I'm crazy, right? But this is when we get a lot of great quality conversation in. At least, when we're not playing the celebrity game or singing a capella versions of pop songs that came out in our high school/college days at the top of our lungs!

So those are my dearest delights!
Do you agree with any of them? Tell me some of yours! I want to learn about you!
Thanks for reading!

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