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Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Find Ways to Serve Your Husband

his picture has nothing to do with this post but it's almost summer and I want to be back there right now.
It's no secret around here Pearson works really late most week nights. You should also know that he has the cheapest parking pass on campus, meaning he parks way out on west campus and has to take a bus to his building. Well in the summer time, when school is technically out, the buses stop running around 7 PM (during the school year they run 24/7). 

So when he works late, he doesn't get to ride the bus back to his car. He was going to by a closer parking pass just for the summer but he missed the deadline to upgrade by one day. Usually he can catch a ride with someone in his lab who is also staying late and who parks closer, but sometimes he just has to walk.

The other day, he called me after a very long and frustrating day and said "Can you come pick me up and take me to my car?" And you know what? I didn't even hesitate. Later, however I realized it was kind of a big sacrifice. I drove all the way to his building (about a 20 minute drive). Picked him up and drove him over to his car and then had to drive the 20 minutes home again. But you know what? I didn't care.

After I picked him up and we drove over to his car, we actually sat in my car and talked for a while. Then we decided to go to Steak-n-Shake (one of my Dearest Delights). I was so glad I went to pick him up!

Lately I've also been picking him up and going to dinner in the evenings. Since he has to stay late, and I have Music Man rehearsals most week nights starting at 7, it's sometimes the only time we can see each other. I either pick him up and we go out then I bring him back to his building before heading to rehearsal, or I bring a picnic type dinner and we eat at a picnic table right outside his building. It's certainly out of my way, but I love that time together.

Last year when Pearson got a flat tire and realized his car wasn't equipped with the tools to change it, I reluctantly drove out to where he was stranded to bring him the tools and help change the tire. The whole event ended up turning a stinky Monday into a fun spontaneous date night!

I say all this to say, find ways to serve your husband! Try not to be grumpy and complain. Instead show you care and make the best of sticky situations. I'm not saying you can't ever say no when he asks a favor. Or that you always have to drop everything to help him. But try to serve him as often as you can. I promise he will feel so loved and you will get something out of it too!

Here are some other great ideas to serve your husband!
Do you have any stories like this? Have you relunctantly helped your husband out and ended up being glad you did it?
Thanks for reading!

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