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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Personal Goals for June

Alrighty, it's time to share my personal goals for this month. I really did not do too well last month and I've discovered (as I said on Friday) that I need accountability for motivation. So for this month, I've added a few forms of accountability. Lets take a look!
I did not do well on this last month. And I feel like that's been a recurring problem. So I'm finally doing something about it and I got some accountability (besides the husband). Jessy from The Artsy Cajun and I have decided to be accountability partners. We are going to keep each other accountable in a lot of areas, but mostly our spiritual lives. I am super excited about this and I really hope it helps! So this month, I am going to continue reading the One Year Bible and my goal is to read every day in June! Hopefully it will happen with Jessy checking in!

I've also slacked in the exercise and healthy eating area this month. I did some pool running quite a bit, but when it was too cold or rainy for that, I just didn't do anything. Work also got really busy so I lost my lunch breaks for a while and then The Music Man rehearsal's started and I didn't want to tire myself out during the day before going to auditions and rehearsals.

And that brings me to this month's goal. On days when I know we're doing choreography for The Music Man, I am not going to worry about cardio. But the rest of the time, on weekends especially, I am going to work something in. Like last month, I'm not going to confine myself to just running though. I gotta keep it fun.

I'm also doing three yoga/stretch challenges on Instagram. Apparently these fitness Instagram challenges are all the rage right now and instructors give out daily prizes and all that fun stuff. So because of these challenges and because I learned that I need accountability, I decided to create an Instagram account solely for my fitness journey, @mrsmaugeri_fitness. Come follow if you're so inclined!

And lastly, for healthy eating, I will record EVERYTHING on My Fitness Pal. No more cheeting and not putting things on there. If it goes in my mouth, it goes in the diary. Follow me on there too if you want! I could always use more accountability!

Last month my goal was to finish Little Women and one other book. Well technically, I succeeded. I finished Little Women last Wednesday and I picked Percy Jackson: The Battle of the Labyrinth again. I was about half way through it when I stopped last time. I finished it on Saturday and I am actually pretty eager to go ahead and read the last one immediately. I've been slowly reading the Percy Jackson series in between other books for the last year or so and have just not been that into them. But this time I'm actually reading them back to back.

Anyway, so for June I will read all of Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian and I will finish a second book. I'm not sure what I will read next but it will probably be non-fiction. I need to catch up on those since I resolved to read 15 books this year and 5 of them have to be non-fiction.

So what are your goals for this month?
Thanks for reading!
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