Enduring All Things: July 2015

Friday, July 31, 2015

What I Learned in July

Ok so the fact that today is the last day in July almost makes me sick. In a way, I cannot believe how fast this year is going by. We only have 5 months left in 2015! But in another way, I am excited to get into August because that means we're that much closer to fall! (Call me basic if you want, but I love fall. And here are some reasons). Anyway, I've learned a lot this month so lets get into it, shall we?

Modesty is about more than keeping men from stumbling; it's about not drawing attention (from anybody) to your outer beauty (for any reason) more than your inner beauty. This is something I already knew, but I read this article in the Chastity Project the other day and really helped me see things more clearly. And I feel like I'm able to put these feelings into words easier. In the article Kaylin admitted that when she watches women in bikinis or the like, she is not thinking about the women's hearts or personality. All of her attention is drawn to their physical appearance, whether she's wondering where they got their suits or comparing her own body to theirs. And if she has that problem, as a Christian women, just imagine what other people around the pool are thinking. But even if we leave men out of the picture for a minute, lack of clothing can cause all kinds of hurt. E.g. We women are more likely to compare our bodies to each other. Or make judgement. Or feed jealousy. It's scary!

My favorite quote from the article was this "You do not veil yourself because you believe you are ugly, you veil yourself because you know you are beautiful." Isn't that backwards from what we often believe. There are so many times when I wonder what people will think of me wearing a one piece at the pool. Will they think I'm weird? Will they think I'm hiding something or ashamed of my body? But it's really just the opposite of that. I love my body, but that doesn't mean I should show it off to everyone who comes along. That's only for my husband.

OK I'm sorry I wrote a whole post on the first category... Moving on.

Pearson enjoyed My Fair Lady when we watched the movie this month and I think he enjoyed The Music Man more than he thought he would. Can you believe he actually admits that he likes musicals now? He says that I finally "won him over" (his words). This is certainly a revelation and a shocking one at that. I am so happy! Of course, he's still not too crazy about them like me, but he actually enjoys them. That's a big step!

Also, I learned that he loves short and crazy roller-coasters. He just doesn't like tall ones with a big drop. I never really made this important connection before. I knew he didn't really like roller-coasters and that the worst part was always the drop. And I knew he enjoyed them once he made himself get on, but I never really made the connection that he loves the short, crazy ones. He loves them! Almost as much as I do!

I learned that I really like people. It's actually surprising. And yes I know this makes me sound like a jerk or something, but the thing is I'm an introvert. It's not that I never liked people specifically, I just don't like large crowds. Or having to talk to a lot of people for a long period of time. But, I learned this month, after spending so much time with the cast of The Music Man, that I really, really like people. I've always admired how a cast of anything (stage show, movie, TV show) can get so close to each other. I love how you can see actors interacting on Twitter and Instagram and they have such a bond and it just seems like so much fun! Well, I think on a small scale, that's happened to me this summer. And it's fantastic!

I also learned that I am actually pretty good at news writing. I wrote a news article for a new platform called Styrk. When I sent the article to my brother (who got a degree in broadcast journalism), he said I wrote it beautifully. He only helped me revise a couple little things. I was pretty proud of myself!

The last thing I learned is that I need physical touch and quality time. It's not just that it's nice to have, I need it! I've really miss my husband this month.

Other People/Things:
I've learned a lot of acting lingo and etiquette from being in The Music Man, but also from reading Someday, Someday, Maybe. For example, when the stage manager comes to the dressing room to give you a standby or some other warning, you answer with "Thank you, standby" to show that you heard him.

I also learned that Instagram hashtags work! I've been using a bunch of hashtags from Sarah's post and I've been getting a ton of likes. It's pretty cool.

I've learned loads and loads about development. I've learned about how to use Visual Studio and .NET for a web application. I learned a lot of how IIS works. I learned that you can easily find your place in the code by just looking at the URL of the web app. I learned how to link the local code you're working on to a web address on the server. I could go on, but I won't bore you. I'll just say that I love this new position!

Well, I guess that's about it. Sorry this post is so long. This month was crazy busy but at least I learned a lot. If you've made it this far, Thank You!
What have you learned this month?
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Thursday, July 30, 2015

Thankful Thursday Party - July 2015 {link up}

Hey friends! It's time for our monthly Thankful Thursday Party! This is a link up where we can share what we're thankful for on the last Thursday of the month.

If you've been reading my blog this month, you know that it's been a little crazy around here. For the sake of not sounding redundant, I'm not going to list everything that's been going on in my life again, but just know there has been a lot of late nights and busy days and I miss my blog and my husband.

But one thing I've been very thankful for this month is coffee. I'm a huge coffee drinker, no doubt. But this month I drank a lot more than usual. And it's been a life saver. It may seem like a silly thing to be thankful for, but it's been way up there on my grateful list this month so I had to share.

A photo posted by Charlene Maugeri (@mrsmaugeri) on
Do you rely on coffee to stay awake? What are you thankful for this month? Be sure to link up below!
Thanks for reading!
We have so much to be thankful for and a lot of us take that for granted. Lets change that! I bring you the #ThankfulThursdayParty linkup with Charlene @ From Bisons to Buckeyes where we can write about what we are thankful for and link up on the last Thursday of every month. I would love to have you and can't wait to see what you're thankful for in your life! 
  • If you're interested in co-hosting, please send an email to Charlenemarie11@gmail.com.
  • Also, if you aren't getting my email reminders about this link up and would like to, please let me know in the comments or send me an email for that as well.
Linkup Rules (Guidelines):
  1. Follow your host and cohost
  2. Link up your Thankful Thursday Party post, NOT your blog URL
  3. Use the hashtag #ThankfulThursdayParty when you share on social media
  4. Grab the button and display it on your blog so others can join the party
From Bisons to Buckeyes: Thankful Thursday Party

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Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Guys Behind the Blog - July 2015

I haven't done a post where Pearson answers some questions in a long time. First there was Boys Behind the Blog. Then there was Blogger Men Tell All. And last month, I noticed a link up that was new to me, Guys Behind the Blog. July's link up actually doesn't go live till tomorrow, but I have my Thankful Thursday link up on the last Thursday of the month. So I'll be posting these a day early. Anyway, this month's questions are all about food so lets get on with it, shall we?
ONE || What is your all time favorite food? Feta Chicken. Or steak. Or mangoes.
TWO || Who is the cook between you and your significant other? Neither really. I guess she is more than me though. But when I'm in the mood I like cooking.
THREE || What is the weirdest thing you have ever eaten? Squid ink noodles
FOUR || Are there any foods that you absolutely detest? Corn
FIVE || What is your favorite local, little-known, or hole in the wall place to eat? Pita Pit or Schmidts

So what do you think of his answers? Can you believe he doesn't like corn? I mean that's a vegetable that even most kids like. Anyway, as always, thanks for reading!
Linking up with Betsy and Laura Jean for Guys Behind the Blog.
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Friday, July 24, 2015

5 Things my In-Laws Have Taught Me

You guys! My in-laws are on their way here right now! It's going to be a fantastic weekend filled with lots of love and lots of fun. Our apartment is going to be full to the brim with me, Pearson, and Pip, his parents, one brother, his sister, and their German Shepherd. It's going to be full and tight but I honestly couldn't be more excited! Unfortunately, I'll be doing The Music Man while they're here so I'll be busy in the evenings but at least they get to come see the show on Sunday!
I love this family and have certainly been blessed by them in so many ways since I started dating and then eventually married their oldest son. Today I thought I'd share some of the wonderful life lessons they've taught me along the way.

ONE || Don't take life so seriously
Seriously, this family is one of the funnest groups of people you'll ever meet. (is funnest a word?). Anyway, they are always goofing off and have tons of inside jokes. I you ever want a good ab workout, just spend a few hours with them as a whole group and you'll be laughing till you're sore. Especially late at night when everyone's a little loopy. Oh and I love how my father-in-law has no inhibitions when it comes to making kids laugh. He's dressed up as Olaf and sang "In Summer" on several occasions and has no shame about it!
TWO || Loud doesn't always mean angry
When one of the parents of a family is "Italian" and you have 4 kids, 3 of which are teenage/20 something boys, things get a little loud. Seriously, any and every conversation turns in to a yelling competition about who can talk over the other because they all want to be heard. But they're not angry. Don't make that mistake. They're just loud. And there's nothing wrong with that. In fact, when they are angry, the don't raise their voices. It took me a while to get used to it.

THREE || Family is the most important thing on this earth
If you've ever doubted this, just spend some time with the Maugeris. They'll change your mind. The amount of love, respect, and support they have for each other is absolutely amazing. And of course, I knew this fact before they showed me, but they just reiterate it every time I'm around them.

FOUR || You don't have to be related by blood to be family
Going along with number three, just because you're not related, doesn't mean you're not family. And I'm not only talking about myself who's related by marriage rather than blood. And I'm not only talking about my father-in-law who was adopted. I mean any and all friends. The extended church family. Anybody in need. The Maugeris will treat you like family. Their house is always open. I felt like I belonged there long before I ever said "I do." My brother has been "part of the family" as long as I have. Maybe even longer. There is almost always  a couple extra plates at the table, even on big occasions like Christmas. If you want to feel included, just head on over to their house. They probably won't even question it.

FIVE || You're never too old for cheesy traditions
Example: Pearson still calls his parents "Mommy" and "Daddy." I think it's precious and he shows no sign of shame or ever wanting to change that. All the kids (ages 25, 22, 19, 14) still sleep on the living room floor on Christmas Eve Eve, bake Christmas cookies and make a huge mess, and look at you like you're crazy if you ever suggest changing or skipping a tradition.

You see? They're pretty great people and I thank God often for blessing me with such a wonderful family.
What have your in-laws taught you?
Thanks for reading!
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Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge - July Check In

Alright guys, we're supposed to check in today after the first month of summer reading for the Literary Ladies challenge. But... I've only read one book. But! I'm pretty proud of myself for that considering I started the challenge late and I've been super busy with The Music Man as I said yesterday.

I did set my own personal goal within the realms of this challenge to read the 3 manditory categories and Someday, Someday, Maybe since I had just started that one. Now I think I'll meet that goal with no problem.

Anyway, so here's what I've read:
  • A book written by a comedian or celebrity: Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham. (I'll review it on the blog soon)
Here's what I have left to read:
  • A YA book (mandatory): The Fault in our Stars by John Green
  • Non US author (mandatory): Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl
  • A book that was recommended by a blogger (mandatory): The Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver (recommended by Amberly)
  • A book that has been on your TBR list for a year or more: The Princess Bride by William Goldman
  • A book with a kick-butt female character: Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige
  • A book that will be a movie (or TV show): The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
  • A book with a one word title: Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  • A suspenseful book - a mystery, a thriller, a book about revenge: Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  • A book about Summer, with Summer in the title:  That Summer by Lauren WIllig
So I've still got a long way to go in the challenge, but I think I'll at least meet my own personal goal.

What are you reading this summer?
Thanks for reading!
Linking up with The Kay Times.

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Monday, July 20, 2015

Long Time, No See

Wow! Long time, no see. About a week and a half to be exact! So sorry. I hope you amazing readers will forgive me and cut me some slack (but I know you will because you're awesome).

Anyway, as you probably know if you were reading my blog before my little hiatus, I have had a busy couple weeks! I knew this blog would take a hit but I definitely wasn't planning to neglect it completely.
Tech week for The Music Man started Saturday the 11th and boy was it busy. We worked on the set all day Saturday and Sunday then had a cue-to-cue Sunday night. I got up bright and early Monday morning because I was featured with a few other cast members on Good Day Columbus! Then Monday through Thursday we had dress rehearsals every night. Call was at 6 pm and by the time we ran the whole show and went over notes, we didn't leave till 11 pm most nights.
And then... drum roll please... We opened! We had a fantastic opening weekend! We performed to 2 sold out crowds. One on Friday night and one on Sunday matinee. And our Saturday show was pretty close to being sold out. Can I just say? Performing to a live audience is one of the most rewarding things ever!
We have 2 more weekends of shows, but we don't have any more mandatory rehearsals in between. So maybe I'll have a little more time for blogging and reading and other things I want to do for the rest of the month. However, my in-laws are coming to visit this weekend, so I will be spending this week getting ready for them. Especially since I've pretty much neglected house work and laundry and everything that didn't have to do with work or The Music Man over the last week.
So anyway, that's what I've been up to over the past week or so. Honestly, I've been so busy I can't believe all this happened in just a week and a half. Again, I hope you'll forgive me for being a little MIA. And now it's your turn! Catch me up on what's been going on in your life!

Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge

Yesterday, Heather from My Little HEA posted about the Literary Ladies Summer Book Challenge and I was sort of intrigued. There were only 10 books and the categories seemed pretty lenient. AND the challenge lasts the whole summer. It goes until September 21st, which seems so far away but I know it will be here quick.
Anyway, I found the Literary Ladies on Goodreads and joined the group. I decided to join the challenge but, as I've said a couple times on this blog already, I'm going to be really busy throughout July and the beginning of August. So I'm setting my own goal to read at least the 3 "mandatory" categories and Someday, Someday, Maybe because I'm in the middle of that one right now. Hopefully I'll be able to read more, but that's my goal. So here are my picks...
  1. A YA book (mandatory) - The Fault in our Stars by John Green. I've been wanting to read this one for a while but it just keeps getting pushed back.
  2. Non US Author (mandatory) - Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Can you believe I've never read it! I decided I wanted to read it this summer before I decided to do this challenge because I've been loving WWII and Holocaust fiction lately (The Book Thief, Number the Stars, Margot, and The Storyteller) and I resolved to read at least 5 nonfiction books in 2015. I'm glad I found a place to fit it into this challenge.
  3. A book that was recommended by a blogger (mandatory) - The Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver (recommended by Amberly). I was planning to read this one with the Meaningful Marriage Book Club at the beginning of this year but I go to about chapter 8 and stopped. There was no real reason except that I got so far behind schedule that I gave up on catching up. So now I'll read it at my own pace.
  4. A book that has been on your TBR list for a year or more - The Princess Bride by William Goldman. 
  5. A book with a kick-butt female character - Dorothy Must Die by Danielle Paige. I saw this on goodreads before it actually came out and was intrigued.
  6. A book that will be a movie (or TV show) - The Astronaut Wives Club by Lily Koppel
  7. A book written by a comedian or celebrity - Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham
  8. A book with a one word title - Unbroken by Laura Hillenbrand
  9. A suspenseful book - a mystery, a thriller, a book about revenge - Gone Girl by Gillian Flynn
  10. A book about Summer, with Summer in the title - That Summer by Lauren Willig
What are you planning to read for the summer?
Linking up with The Kay Times.
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Monday, July 6, 2015

Being a Cheerful Wife - Marriage & Relationship Goals {link up}

It's the first Monday of the month which means it's time for one of my favorite posts: Marriage & Relationship Goals! Last month, I set the goal to go on at least one date every week. I'd say we did pretty well on this. I hung out it Pearson's lab with him a few times when he had to work late on the weekends. I didn't have rehearsal those nights so we made the best of them. We also saw Jurassic World and Inside Out. And we watched all 8 Harry Potter movies over the month.

Also, I was going to try not to micro-manage the husband. I think I did OK on that. Any time I felt myself wanting to do it and realized I was, I would stop, but I'm sure there were times I didn't notice.

This month is going to be very busy for me with The Music Man and other things as I said on Thursday. So I want to focus this month's goal on my attitude. I'll probably be really stressed out and anxious this month and I don't want to take it out on Pearson. I want to be cheerful towards him. I want to get excited whenever he comes home not get upset over stupid things.

What goals do you have for your marriage or relationship this month? Be sure to link up below!
Thanks for reading!
Marriage & Relationship Goals

New to the Marriage & Relationship Goals Link-up? Goals help our relationships grow stronger and get better with time as well as help us to continue moving forward and avoid the "ruts" of life. This link-up was created in hopes of inspiring your relationship with your significant other no matter your chapter in life and love. We would love for you to join us in making the things we do in our relationships intentional. If you would like more information, click here.

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Friday, July 3, 2015

Personal Goals for July

Well guys, it's time to share my personal goals with you for the month of July. As I talked about yesterday, this month is going to be crazy busy so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Anyway, lets see how I did last month and what I want to do this month, shall we?
I actually did really well with my spiritual goals last month! My accountability partner, Jessy, sort of introduced me to Good Morning Girls. It's an on line Bible study and they're (slowly) reading through the whole Bible. But they only read one chapter per day and only on week days. So if I ever get behind, it's easy to catch up. That was my biggest problem in the past whit studies like She Reads Truth. Also, since it's only one chapter per day, I can really dig deep in the study which I love. When I was doing the "Whole Bible in a Year" plans, I often felt rushed and like I wasn't really retaining anything. Anyway, Courtney from Good Morning Girls makes all kinds of optional free resources. I love her SOAK study method and her discussion/reflection questions. I've honestly never been this excited for a personal Bible study before.

I started a couple weeks ago when they started Proverbs for the Summer and I've kept up so far. I love it! So for my goal this month I'm going to continue studying Proverbs with Good Morning Girls.

So I'm pretty sure I did no cardio last month. None at all. But I did pretty well keeping up with my yoga challenges. I'm not too upset about it. I was busy. But I still could have done better.

This month, I want to finish the Instagram challenges I'm taking part in: #JourneyToSplits and #BendBalanceBreathe and I'm going to eat better. No more excuses. That is the hardest part to me. I just like pizza too much. I've been drinking ItWorks greens that I ordered from a friend so hopefully that will help. We'll see.

In June I was supposed to finish Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian and another book. Well I finished Percy Jackson but that's it. Again, I'm not too mad about it. I'm now reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham and I am absolutely loving it! I have a feeling I'll finish it pretty quickly. If that's the case, I'll start Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Can you believe I've never read it? Anyway, hopefully I'll finish that one in July too but if not, it's no big deal. I have a feeling I'll catch up with my goal of 15 books in 2015 in the fall with no problem.

So anyway, those are my not-too-ambitious goals for July. I'll probably start setting more difficult ones in the fall but for now, I'll be happy if I meet these.
What are your goals for this month?
Thanks for reading!
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Thursday, July 2, 2015

What I'm Up To {July 2015}

Well, one thing I will NOT be up to is going to a beach like this one. Oh well. It's nice to dream.
I cannot believe it's July already. Can we really be past the halfway point of 2015? It seems impossible. Speaking of July, have I told you guys how crazy this month is going to be? I mean we've got the 4th of July this weekend so we've got all kinds of festivities going on with that including a trip to Cedar Point!

Then the next two weeks will be crazy busy with The Music Man as we start dress rehearsals and tech week. I'll spend all day on Saturday the 11th and part of Sunday the 12th at the theatre helping setup. Then we perform the next three weekends! Woohoo!
From our teaser performance on Monday. Can you see me back there just to the left of Prof. Harold Hill? Look at that fantastic socked face! My kid better not be talking about horse race gambling while loafing around that pool hall! source
Oh and my in-laws will be coming into town for the weekend of the 24th. That means our apartment will house me, Pearson, and Pip as well as both of Pearson's parents, all three of his siblings, and their German Shepherd! But I could not be more excited!

Now that I've caught you all up a little, it's time for my currently post for the month. However, I decided to d things a little differently this month. I'm linking up with Anne and Jenna and I'm only including the prompts they're using. I think I'm going to like this better than that long list I usually use for currently posts.

Craving: I've been craving a dipped ice cream cone from McDonalds a lot lately. It's sort of random. But I finally got one the other day and it was delicious. And of course I'm always craving pizza. That's just a given.

Grilling: Sadly, we've only grilled out once this year and it was on Memorial Day. I know, right? I'm thinking we might grill some more this month, especially when the in-laws are here, because it's usually Pearson who does the grilling and I'll be super busy with The Music Man.

Listening: I've been listening to my Summer Playlist on Spotify! I don't think that needs any further explanation.

Planning: Everything I talked about at the beginning of this post! July is going to be busy but oh so fun!

Decorating: Um... Nothing. Well, I recently put a patriotic sign on our front door. Does that count?

What are you up to this month? Be sure to go link up with Anne and Jenna!
Thanks for reading!
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Wednesday, July 1, 2015

5 Ways Make Your Marriage a Top Priority

Marriage is tough sometimes. And it's not always the knock-down, drag-out fights that are the toughest. Sometimes we just seem to grow apart. Life gets busy, and other priorities get in the way. Before we know it, the relationship is strained because we're not nourishing it like we should. Well I have some ideas for how to help with this. Of course, I'm no expert, but I know what has worked for me and I know what I personally crave when things start heading this way in our relationship. So I wanted to share with you 5 ways to keep the spark alive, so to speak.
ONE || Don't stop dating
You guys, I cannot express how important this is. Make your spouse feel important. Keep spending that quality time together. I don't care how busy you are or how much attention your kids need. Make time for your spouse. Don't just find time or squeeze time in when you can. Make it a priority. Get dressed up and go out fancy. Do something together you've never done before or at least that you don't normally do. Or just spend some quality time sitting on a park bench. Just be sure to schedule it and stick to it.

TWO || Don't stop flirting
You and your spouse both need to feel loved, wanted and attractive. The need for that never went away so why do we stop showing it sometimes? Hold hands all the time. Be the kind of parents that your kids think are gross. Send flirty texts throughout the day. Never let your spouse wonder if you're thinking of them. Tell them!

THREE || Don't stop studying your spouse
My word of the year for 2015 is 'learn' and I've applied that to my marriage. I learned what Pearson's primary love languages are and I continue to learn more about him every day. People change so you've never learned all there is to know about your spouse. Continue studying. Get a PhD in your spouse and use that knowledge to make him or her feel loved.

FOUR || Put your phones away
I hate how much we all rely on our phones and other technology today. There have been times when Pearson and I are having a conversation and we're both looking at our phones the whole time. It's terrible. So create some boundries that work for you. Maybe you put your phone away as soon as you get home from work. Or maybe you just don't have it at the dinner table. Or maybe you have a "no phones in the bedroom" rule. Whatever it is, make your spouse feel important by giving him your full attention.

FIVE || Remember why you married him or her in the first place
Sometimes your spouse makes you so mad. And sometimes you get frustrated with everything going on. In these times, try to remember why you married your spouse in the first place. You fell in love, he treated you right, you had similar goals and wanted to do life together. You wouldn't have gotten married if the feelings weren't strong or if you didn't think you could choose to love this person forever. So remember how you felt and what you loved about him or her and life will be easier.

I think the main point is that your marriage should be a top priority. It should be above your kids, your career, your personal needs, everything. Perhaps the only part of your life that should be more important than your marriage is your relationship with God. So if some of these things don't exactly work for you, that's fine. Just do whatever you need to do to make the marriage a top priority again.

Have you ever felt distant from your spouse? What sort of things help you make your marriage a priority again?
Thanks for reading!

Linking up with Wifey Wednesday and Wedded Wednesday
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