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Friday, July 3, 2015

Personal Goals for July

Well guys, it's time to share my personal goals with you for the month of July. As I talked about yesterday, this month is going to be crazy busy so I'm not going to be too hard on myself. Anyway, lets see how I did last month and what I want to do this month, shall we?
I actually did really well with my spiritual goals last month! My accountability partner, Jessy, sort of introduced me to Good Morning Girls. It's an on line Bible study and they're (slowly) reading through the whole Bible. But they only read one chapter per day and only on week days. So if I ever get behind, it's easy to catch up. That was my biggest problem in the past whit studies like She Reads Truth. Also, since it's only one chapter per day, I can really dig deep in the study which I love. When I was doing the "Whole Bible in a Year" plans, I often felt rushed and like I wasn't really retaining anything. Anyway, Courtney from Good Morning Girls makes all kinds of optional free resources. I love her SOAK study method and her discussion/reflection questions. I've honestly never been this excited for a personal Bible study before.

I started a couple weeks ago when they started Proverbs for the Summer and I've kept up so far. I love it! So for my goal this month I'm going to continue studying Proverbs with Good Morning Girls.

So I'm pretty sure I did no cardio last month. None at all. But I did pretty well keeping up with my yoga challenges. I'm not too upset about it. I was busy. But I still could have done better.

This month, I want to finish the Instagram challenges I'm taking part in: #JourneyToSplits and #BendBalanceBreathe and I'm going to eat better. No more excuses. That is the hardest part to me. I just like pizza too much. I've been drinking ItWorks greens that I ordered from a friend so hopefully that will help. We'll see.

In June I was supposed to finish Percy Jackson: The Last Olympian and another book. Well I finished Percy Jackson but that's it. Again, I'm not too mad about it. I'm now reading Someday, Someday, Maybe by Lauren Graham and I am absolutely loving it! I have a feeling I'll finish it pretty quickly. If that's the case, I'll start Anne Frank: The Diary of a Young Girl. Can you believe I've never read it? Anyway, hopefully I'll finish that one in July too but if not, it's no big deal. I have a feeling I'll catch up with my goal of 15 books in 2015 in the fall with no problem.

So anyway, those are my not-too-ambitious goals for July. I'll probably start setting more difficult ones in the fall but for now, I'll be happy if I meet these.
What are your goals for this month?
Thanks for reading!
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