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Friday, October 16, 2015

5 Lessons My Parents Have Taught Me

My parents are on their way here right now!

I'm so excited. If you've been following me for a while, you probably know that my parents have sort of made a tradition of taking a fall trip to come visit us every year in October. They've come every year since we moved here. 

In case you want to read about all the times they've come before: The first year, I wasn't blogging very seriously yet so I wrote a tiny paragraph about the weekend at the beginning of a rant post. In 2013, my brother and grandparents came too! And last year, I didn't prepare very well.

So anyway, in celebration of them getting here today, I thought I'd share five things they've taught me for today's Friday Five. Of course, they're my parents so they've taught me a lot more than what I'll list here, but I'll just stick with these five for now.
ONE || While it's important to always do your best, your worth does NOT come from your talents, abilities, or achievements. Your worth comes from God. Just like you can't earn salvation, you also shouldn't have to earn approval or love from others. It's a tough balance to teach because, well, yes we're saved by grace, but works are important too. And yes, we are so much more than our accomplishments, but work ethic is important too.

TWO || Be kind to others even when they're not kind to me. One thing I my mom said a lot to me growing up was "kill them with kindness." If someone was mean to me at school or some girl on the softball team was causing drama, she'd tell me to be kind. Don't give them what they want. She made sure I knew that it was okay to feel hurt. She'd tell me that whatever the other person did was NOT okay. But that it wasn't right to answer with more drama. Just be kind and they will probably either come around or get bored and leave you alone.

THREE || That I can go to them for anything. While I didn't get along with my parents 100% of the time (They were my parents. We weren't supposed to get along 100% of the time). I knew that I could always go to them for anything. And I did always go to them for anything. I never doubted that they loved me and always wanted what's best for me. And that they were much more wise than I was and still am.

FOUR || Everyone is different, unique, and special. They taught me that not everybody will think the same way as I do and agree with everything I say and that is okay. They said that even other Christians will disagree on things. They taught me to keep an open mind but to also use discernment and test everything I'm taught about God against His word.

FIVE || Divorce should not be an option. Or at least a LAST RESORT. My parents have been married for 31 years! It hasn't always been perfect, but they respect each other and work out their problems. They've always been a great example for me and Pearson.

They seem like great people don't they? That's because they are! I'm pretty lucky.

What are some great things you've learned from your parents?
Thanks for reading and have a great weekend. I know I will!
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