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Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Personal Goals for October // The Creative Closet

Dress: Stitch Fix || Sweater: Target || Necklace: Premier Jewelry
I'm joining The Creative Closet link up today for the first time because... Well, because fall makes me want to be a fashion blogger. This week's prompt is "A Dress for Fall" so I thought this dress from my latest Stitchfix box was perfect! When I wore it in the office a couple weeks ago, I paired it with this boyfriend cardigan, but I think it could also easily go with a denim jacket for a slightly more casual look.

I did really well on my goals from last month... For about two weeks.

For some reason, I did really well for the first two weeks of September and then I just sort of stopped. I was in Atlanta for the last full week of the month. And after that I was preparing for a girls' youth rally I was involved in this weekend, but before my work trip, I just kinda gave up. And it's been hard to get back on track.

This month (starting today), I plan to catch back up with the Good Morning Girls study in Acts. I am so far behind. Like 3 weeks behind. I think that's the worst position I've been in since I started studying with the Good Morning Girls. But, I'm determined to catch up. And lucky for me, they're taking a week long break after they finish Acts and before they start Numbers. So catching up should be totally doable!

For some reason, I have lost all motivation to work out and eat well. I blame fall. But it's really not an excuse. I love Pop Pilates, as I've talked about before, and it used to be so easy to do every day because I love it so much. But now I find myself making excuses. So my goal this month is to get back into it! Please help keep my accountable!

Last month, I wanted to finish The Happy Wives Club by Fawn Weaver and Dancing Through Life by Candace Cameron Bure. I finished the first. I really should have finished Dancing Through Life too but I dropped the ball once again. If I'm going to finish my New Year's Resolution of reading 15 books in 2015 and that 5 of those have to be non-fiction, I better step up my game! (I've only read 10 and 2 of them were non-fiction).

So anyway, in October I'm going to finish Candace's book and read The Legend of Sleepy Hollow and Other Stories because Halloween. Duh.

So those are my personal goals and now it's your turn! What are your goals for October?
Thanks for reading!
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