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Monday, October 5, 2015

Quality Time Without Distractions - Marriage and Relationship Goals {link up}

Well guys, it's the first Monday of the month which means it's time for Marriage and Relationship Goals. It also means it's time for me to admit that we failed at our goals last month. Really I should say that I failed because I don't know that I really even told Pearson the goals I set for our relationship last month. Which is a fail itself.

But not all of this failure was for lack of trying. Pearson was very busy this month and I was even out of town for a week for work. So we watched football together a little, but that was all we did from my list of fall dates. And we really didn't have time to exercise either. Though I'm sure we could have found time if we really tried.

As for the budgeting... I was just lazy. But I did cook a lot at home, just not as much as I wanted to.

Anyway, October is going to be super busy for us with a youth rally this past weekend, my parents coming to town and a camping trip, so I'm making our goal a little more simple. We will spend at least one night per week together, just the two of us, with no technology distractions.

Now this will actually take some planning because we won't be able to do it on the weekend that my parents are here or the weekend we go camping with friends. And we didn't really do it this past weekend either. But it's important to me to make our marriage a priority even when life is busy.

What goal do you have for your relationship this month? Be sure to link up below!

Marriage & Relationship Goals

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