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Tuesday, November 24, 2015

Don't Try to Change Your Spouse // Creative Closet

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Wives, have you ever thought "Ugh. Why doesn't he do this like I do?" or "Why can't he be more like me?" or worse, "One of these days, he'll finally see my point and change his ways?"

*Raises hand sheepishly.

I'm guilty. I think it's simply human nature to want to change your spouse sometimes. Obviously we think our way of doing something is best, or else we wouldn't be doing it that way, right? And we might get along really well with someone who thinks exactly like us. But that would probably get pretty boring.

A relationship needs balance. If the two people are too much alike, things could get messy. Say you're both spenders... you'd never have any money. Or say you're both savers... you'd never have any stuff. Or maybe you're both talkers... you'd probably never hear what each other is saying. Or if you're both listeners... nothing would ever get said.

But even more important than the need for balance, is the need for love. Unconditional love. You married your spouse because you fell in love with him. Not with who you think he can be once you change him. Or at least I hope so. When you got married, you promised to love him through everything. I don't think your vows said "I promise to love you as long as you do things my way."

And besides, people never really change. Right, trolls from Frozen?

So try to see things his way. Instead of insisting he does things your way, think about why he does it differently. You never know, he might have the better method after all.

Consider his differences as a balance to you and a good thing for your relationship.

Keep a list of all the good things he's done and the habits and qualities you love about him and look at it when you get frustrated.

And if you really think something needs to change, pray about it and lead by your example. Don't make a big fuss and argue. That will just make him want to change even less. Pray that both of you can see the other's point of view and come to an agreement.

Have you ever tried to change your spouse?
Thanks for reading!

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