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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Goodbye 2015

Well, Friends… It’s December 31st. The last day of 2015. Let’s just let that sink in for a sec. Where did this year go? I mean, this year was a great one, but I just can’t believe it’s over. But I’m super excited to start a new year tomorrow! Are you? I sure hope so. But I hope it’s because you just need to be refreshed. I hope it’s not because 2015 was a bad year for you.

Anyway, it’s been a tradition of mine for the last 3 years to do a sort of recap of the year on December 31st. Here is last year’s recap. Here’s the recap from 2013. And here is one from 2012.

So let’s get started on this year’s recap!

Favorite Events (In chronological order)

Favorite Music (in the order I thought of them)

  • All of Carrie Underwood’s new CD, Storyteller
  • Hello by Adele
  • Uptown Funk
  • The entire Pitch Perfect 2 soundtrack
  • The Star Wars soundtrack
  • Trans-Siberian Orchestra's new CD, Letters From The Labyrinth
  • Hamilton Soundtrack

Favorite Movies (In order of how I liked them starting with my favorite)

Favorite Posts on My Blog (in order of how they appeared on the blog)

What were some of your favorite things this year?
Thanks for reading!

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