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Wednesday, December 2, 2015

What I'm up to in December

There are only 22 Days Till Christmas!

Who's excited? I sure am! This is going to be a great month so let's see what I'll be up to, shall we?
In December, I am...
  • Wishing - There was more time between Thanksgiving and Christmas. There's so much to do and so little time! There are parties and concerts every weekend and lots of presents to wrap and specials to watch in between!
  • Remembering - Back to when I used to not be a fan of Christmas. I never wanted to come home from college. I hated having to tell people what I wanted for Christmas and then opening them in front of everyone. But now I love Christmas! I love spending the season with my husband and making our own traditions an spoiling him with gifts. And I love going "home" for the holidays.
  • Wrapping - I can't tell you! Everyone who I'm wrapping things for could read this post. But I have purchased almost all of our gifts and I'm so excited to give them away!
  • Baking - Lots of yummy and Christmass-y baked goods!
  • Decorating - Pearson and I finally decorated our tree last night. I did the rest of the decorating on Monday when he worked late. Decorating my own apartment is one of my favorite things about Christmas these days!
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So that's what I'm up to this month. What are you up to? Thanks for reading!

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