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Thursday, January 21, 2016

100 Things Challenge

A few months ago, Jessa wrote a blog post about a 100 Things Challenge and I was intrigued. A little while later, Lisa wrote a similar post about a minimalist challenge (she wrote about it again when she finished the challenge).

I really liked the idea of getting rid of 100 (or any specific number of) things because I was starting to feel like we just had too much stuff. So when I got rid of a lot of clothes and accessories when creating my capsule wardrobe, I thought now would be a great time to try the challenge!

So, I put it on my blogging editorial calendar for today and basically forgot about it until I posted about my capsule wardrobe on Tuesday. So for the past two days I've been cleaning out drawers and cabinets like crazy and I got all the way to 150 items! I'm pretty proud of myself!

Here's my list! 

(I condensed some of the items because I'm sure you don't want to read 150 individual list items of each specific expired medication in our medicine cabinet)


  • 1 - 24. clothing items
This duffel is full of clothing and accessories that I'm taking to Goodwill today. The bag itself counts as an accessory (below).


  • 25 - 73. Accessories (Jewelry, belts, scarves, bags)


  • 74. Broken book light
  • 75. Marauder’s map phone case (old phone)
  • 76. Plain black phone case (old phone)
  • 77. Plain white phone case (old phone)
  • 78. Purple phone case (old phone)
  • 79. Pink and white phone case (old phone)
  • 80. Old iPod speakers
  • 81. Old iPod charger
  • 82. Old AT&T flip phone (yes I still had it)
  • 83. Old AT&T flip phone charger
  • 84. My Galaxy S3
  • 85. Pearson’s Galaxy S3
  • 86. My TV from college


  • 87. Old Mary Kay foot scrub
  • 88 - 93. Old shampoo/soap/lotion from hotels
  • 94. Hand held mirror with broken handle
  • 95 - 97. Expired tooth floss (I get them from the dentist and never use them)
  • 98. Old self tan lotion
  • 99 - 100. Old Bath & Body works lotion
  • 101. Old liquid makeup
  • 102. Old BB Cream
  • 103 - 104. Old eye shadow
  • 105. Old loose powder
  • 106. Old lip gloss


  • 107 - 122. Expired vitamins, medicines, ear/eye drops, and ointments


  • 123-143. old cups and water bottles (pictured below)


  • 144. Old homemade cork coasters that I modpodged pictures onto
  • 145. Empty Mickey Mouse journal I never used (I gave it away)
  • 146.  The owner's manual from our Corola we got rid of 2 years ago
  • 147. The license plate from that car
  • 148. “Gotta Run…” Car magnet left from that car (neither of us run)
  • 149. Old CD case from that car (who uses CDs anymore?)
  • 150. Broken picture frame

Have you ever done a minimalist challenge? How did you do?

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