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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

5 Reasons you Struggle to find Time for your Spouse

Happy hump day everyone! So in the survey I conducted a few months ago (it's still open, btw), a lot of people said that they struggle with balance in their marriage. More specifically, most of you said you have a hard time balancing all your responsibilities while finding time to spend together. I'm right there with you! There's so much to do and sometimes we just can't find time to simply hang out with each other. So today I've come up with some reasons why this might be a problem.

  • ONE || It's not a priority

Take a good long look at your priorities. Make a list of all the activities you do in a day. Keep track of things that take up your time. If your spouse isn't taking up time, he's not a priority. But he should be! Rewrite your list in order of what you want to be a priority and then start living that way. It always helps me to write stuff out.

  • TWO || You don't communicate your expectations

In order to be able to spend quality time together, you have to tell each other what you have going on in each of your lives. You need to talk about your expectations for the next day or week and decide who will take care of what responsibilities and what tasks can be done another time so that you can free up time for each other.

  • THREE || You don't put it in your schedule

It may seem unnecessary, but scheduling quality time with your spouse can help so much! Write everything you have to get done in your planner and include date nights and quality time. But be sure to write it in PEN! Don't treat time with your spouse like an appointment that can be moved around. It should arguably be the most important thing on your calendar.

  • FOUR || You're too connected

Sometimes, we care more about our "friends" (or followers) inside our phone than we do about our spouses. I know you're probably thinking "No I don't! That's ridiculous!" But think about it, do your actions reflect that? When he gets home from work, put down the phone and greet him. Give him your undivided attention while he tells you about his day. When you take her out do dinner, leave your phone in the car. Show her that she's more important.

  • FIVE || You have separate interests

Some couples struggle with spending time together because they don't enjoy the same activities. Find things you both enjoy. Try something he enjoys that you've never done. Or you could both do something completely new. You might enjoy it! You could also help with each other's work. Even if it's a tedious task, at least you're together. I've been known to sit beside Pearson while he grades papers and I'll enter those grades into the computer as he works through them.

You guys, it's so important to not neglect your marriage. I know sometimes you're busy and it's easy for your marriage to take a back seat, but don't let it! If you value your spouse and your marriage (and I hope you do) then make quality time a priority. It might not be your primary love language, but I think it's a great way to reconnect and show your love!
Would you add anything to my list? Why do you think you (or other people) struggle to find time for their spouses?
Thanks for reading!

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