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Wednesday, January 20, 2016

5 Things to Talk About on Date Night

Over the past two weeks, I talked about why you might be struggling to find time for your spouse and why it's important to find that time. Today I want to talk about what to do with that time.

When you're married and you spend a lot of time with one person, sometimes you run out of things to say. I hope this hasn't happened to you, but it very well could. Especially if one of you works from home and nothing exciting ever happens. Luckily for me, my husband has lots of adventures (good and bad) every day. But what about when you want to talk about more than just your day?
Here are some fun, light-hearted suggestions to get the conversation flowing on your next date night!

  • Go through your Facebook profiles and reminisce

Pearson and I did this the other day and it was so much fun. I don't remember why it even started. I suppose we were looking for something specific, but it was fun to look back on our dating days and say "remember that time when..." Instead of looking at each of your profiles, you could also look at just your "friendship." And be sure to check out your "memories" section daily anyway!

  • Go through a collection of questions

There are tons of lists of questions out there to ask while on a date. I personally really like this one by Amy because she breaks them into sections for dinner; appetizer, main course, dessert. I also created a list last year because my word of the year was learn and I wanted to learn about Pearson.

  • Have a regular marriage check in

Or as Amberly calls it, Companion Inventory. Set up a regular time (weekly, monthly etc) to sit down and asses your marriage. Talk about the good things going on in you marriage. How you've appreciated certain things and how each of you are loving each other well. But also talk about the bad things. Make suggestions to each other of how you can better feel loved. And - here's the kicker - be open to your spouse's suggestions! Don't get defensive. Don't take it personally. Just use it as constructive criticism and do better next time.

  • Pick a seasonal topic and talk about the past and future 

Around your birthdays, talk about your favorite gifts you ever received. Or on certain holidays, talk about your best memories of those holidays growing up. In the summer, talk about why you love summer so much or memories of summers past. Or even hopes for summers in the future. The possibilities are endless.

  • Talk about dreams of your future

Do you remember back when you were dating and you talked about your future together all the time. We sure did! We talked about our future dream house. Our kids. Where we would live. What kind of traveling we wanted to do. It was so fun! We've stopped doing that so much now. I don't know why. Maybe some of the magic is gone because we are married and are living our "Happily Ever After" but there's still so much we dream about for our future. Why don't we dream it together?

These are just some fun suggestions to get the conversation started. What do you like to talk about on date night?

Thanks for reading!

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