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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

#MaugeriHolidays2k15 Recapped in Numbers

Well folks, the holidays are officially over. You're holiday vacation/celebrations were probably over several days before mine. But you see, 2 years ago my BFF from college and I decided to start a New Years tradition. Every year we alternate visiting each other to celebrate the New Year. For New Years 2014, she and her husband came here to Columbus and we were snowed in the whole time. Pearson and I spent New Years 2015 in Oxford, MS. And this year, they came here once again. But this time, we were able to get out and do stuff so we packed every day as full as possible.
Anyway, so today I thought I'd share a little recap of sorts with you guys. These numbers represent things that happened on our vacation whether that was in Birmingham with my brother, Atlanta with our immediate families or my extended family, or here with Ashley and Taylor.
So tell me, how was your holiday vacation?
Thanks for reading!
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