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Friday, January 29, 2016

Priceless Powwows with Pearson & Guys Behind the Blog

Happy Friday everybody! We made it! I've thought it was a day later than it really was all week. On Tuesday I woke up thinking about what I needed to do to get ready for church that night thinking it was Wednesday. Then on Thursday I woke up so excited thinking it was Friday. Realizing I was wrong was the worst. But now it actually is Friday! Finally! I have a crazy busy weekend ahead of me though, but I'm excited.

So I thought I'd celebrate Friday with some Priceless Powwows with Pearson and some Guys Behind the Blog questions. Lets get started!

Priceless Powwows with Pearson:

Disclaimer: I ran all these by Pearson and he approved of me including them here. Also, he's been really stressed and a bit sleep deprived lately. Enjoy!

Scene: He was driving and I was in the front seat. He didn't go when the light turned green.
Pearson: Sorry. Sometimes my brain stops working. Well, it doesn't stop working, it's just thinking about something else.
Scene: He's about to use my Chapstick Total Hydration which is not packaged like a normal Chapstick tube.The cap covers more of the tube and the part you twist is larger than normal. Also we were sitting in a parking lot in the dark about to go into a place of business.
Pearson: This isn't Chapstick! It's lipstick!
Me: No, it's Chapstick. Hold it in the light. It says Chapstick.
Pearson: But Chapstick isn't packaged like this. Lipstick is.
Me: But look. It's clear. It's not lipstick.
Pearson: Some lipstick is clear though, right? Like "nude" lipstick.
Me: No. Nude is a color. It's the color of skin. Chapstick is clear. There's a big difference.
(Maybe I should give him some nude lipstick next time)
Pearson: Why do I have an alarm set on my phone for 6 AM on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday and then a separate one set for Wednesday at 6 AM?
Scene: Pearson has his own prescription safety glasses to use in the wet lab. (Not the laser lab. Those are tented goggles that go over his glasses). The other night, I was busy when he got home so I didn't quite greet him at the door like usual (sad, I know) and I didn't notice anything different. A little while later...
Pearson: Oh my goodness! I'm wearing my safety glasses!
Me: You are! Where are your glasses?
Pearson: On my desk at work. I can see because these are prescription so I didn't even notice I was wearing them. I wore them to get Subway tonight too...
(He had to wear them all night and on the way to work the next day. Lesson learned.)
Scene: I recently created a capsule wardrobe for winter. For some reason, Pearson has called my "capsule" wardrobe a "pill" wardrobe. Twice. This conversation happened after the second time he did this...
Me: I don't even understand why you associate those two words. I mean, I know they are associated, but to me, the word "capsule" means anything small and encased. Not just pills. The two words are not identical in my head.
Pearson: You know like medicines always say on the side of the bottle "take two capsules before eating the bed."
(He was trying to say "before eating" and "before going to bed" at the same time. It was late at night and I couldn't stop laughing.)
Pearson: Did I ever tell you about the time my parents told me not to say "shoot" because it sounds like a bad word?
Me: I don't think so. But that's not really a big deal. My parents said that too.
Pearson: Wait, really?
Me: Well, yeah. I mean it's a euphemism for the bad word.
Pearson: It is? I just though it was because I talked too fast!
Scene: Pearson was getting ready to leave for work in the morning. He couldn't find the jeans he had taken off the night before earlier that morning (around 3 AM) when he got home from work.
Me: Did you just say "Where are my jeans?"
Pearson: Yeah
Me: Aren't you wearing them?
Pearson: Aww man! Today is going to be a long day...

Guys Behind the Blog:

This month is all about what our guys are currently doing. Pearson is currently...
  • Watching: X-files
  • Reading: Nothing. Well, lots of scientific papers, I guess.
  • Listening to: Alter Bridge
  • Dreaming of: Science (Seriously every morning he says he dreamed about his work. It's consuming him)
  • Eating: Unhealthy food
  • Learning: Science. I could give like a highly technical answer but...
  • Wishing: That I was done with grad school.
  • Obsessed with: Dragon Age: Inquisition (it's a video game for the non-gamers out there)
  • Loving: My wife (Aww good answer!)
  • Planning: Experiments (Said through laughter)

So what do you think of his answers? Do you ever have any funny conversations with your hubby?
Thanks for reading!

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