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Thursday, January 7, 2016

What I'm up to in January {2016}

Wow. I can't believe I just put {2016} in the title of this post. How did we get here? Does anybody know? I still can't believe it. I've had a pretty good first week of 2016. What about you? I've kept up with most of my goals so far. I am motivated and excited about my blog. I turn 26 tomorrow (Wait, what??). Life is good.
So today I wanted to share my monthly "currently" post and link up with Anne and Jenna. so lets get started, shall we?
  • Resolving to live healthier all around. To spend more time in God's word and in his presence. To be present here and now. And to read 16 books, 6 of which will be non-fiction. I didn't set many specific resolutions (except the 16 books thing) but these are some general ones and I set specific goals pertaining to these each month.
  • Reading I'm actually not really reading anything at the moment (which is probably not good for my 16 books resolution). I have been busy but I've also been waiting for Life is Beautiful by Sarah M. Johnson. To come in the mail. I suppose I should start on something else while I wait, but I got so many great books for Christmas and my birthday that I can't decide what to start!
  • Organizing everything. Do you ever get on an organizing kick? Last night I organized our tea/coffee cabinet. Just because I opened it to make myself a cup of tea and saw that it wasn't very organized. I've been doing that a lot lately as we start a new fresh year (and because I didn't do much organizing or cleaning during the holiday season).
  • Loving being back to a normal routine after a long (though much needed) vacation.
  • Craving healthy food that makes me feel good. And water. I've been purposefully drinking a lot of water every day since the new year and now my body craves it.
What are you resolving, reading, organizing, loving, and craving this month? Be sure to link up!
Thanks for reading

Linking up with Anne and Jenna.
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