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Friday, February 26, 2016

Diet Coke It's Mine Bottles Up-cycled Three Ways (with a complete hummingbird feeder tutorial)

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You guys! Have you seen the new Diet Coke "It's MIne" bottles and cans at Kroger? They're so cool! Coca-Cola has released a new uniquely packaged bottle and no two glass bottles are the same. They're so pretty and fun!
Diet Coke It's Mine Bottles Up-cycled Three Ways (with a complete hummingbird feeder tutorial) #ad #UniquelyMine | Enduring All Things
As you all know, I love Diet Coke. I live off the stuff. So when I found out they were making my favorite drink even better with these bottles, I was stoked! The bottles are so pretty and unique I knew I wanted to find a use for them after I drank all the Diet Coke. Aren't they just beautiful?
So I went to Kroger and they weren't hard to find! The bottles were front and center on the end cap of the soda aisle! And I may or may not have bought SIX of the glass bottles. Then I walked down the soda aisle a bit and found the cute It's Mine Diet Coke mini cans and bought a six-pack of those as well.
I was so inspired by the designs and had so many ideas floating around in my head about how to use the bottles after I drank the Diet Coke that I had to buy plenty of them. Besides, how could I narrow down my favorites even more? There's no way! Pearson and I drank them all within two days and you can bet I'll be going back for more this weekend.
So the first thing I decided to do with my bottles was display my bracelets on them. I'm always looking for a cool way to display my jewelry on my dresser. I have so much and I just can't part with any of it. Tell me I'm not the only one with this problem!
I mean I could find a big jewelry box and hide everything in there, but there's something about displaying them out in the open in this unique way that just makes me happy. I've been using clear glass bottles for this for a while now, but the It's Mine Diet Coke bottles are a fantastic upgrade. Every time I see them it makes me so happy!
I also used a couple It's Mine Diet Coke bottles as vases for fresh flowers! I found some fun unique flowers that I think accompany the bottles beautifully and the combination makes me so excited for spring. I had to really trim the stems and cut off all the knots and leaves to fit three to four flowers in each bottle, but I love the way they turned out.
The last thing I did with an empty It's Mine Diet Coke bottle (and I saved the best for last) was make a hummingbird feeder. My mom keeps hummingbird feeders up on her back porch all spring and summer and they always have several birds buzzing around them all throughout the day. I stayed with my parents this week on my work trip, so I thought I would make a fun feeder out of an It's Mine Diet Coke bottle and leave it for them. They loved it!

DIY Hummingbird Feeder Tutorial:

Supplies: I ordered a replacement hummingbird feeder bottom and some wire from Amazon. And of course you'll need an empty It's Mine Diet Coke bottle.
Step One: I wrapped the wire very tightly around the neck of the bottle.
Step Two: After I had wrapped that around several times, I wrapped the wire around the bottle until I came to where it gets skinny again toward the bottom.
Step Three: I wrapped the wire completely around the skinny part at the bottom of the bottle.
Step Four: I wrapped the wire around the bottle all the way up to the neck again.
Step Five: I wrapped the wire very tightly around the neck several more times and cut it.
Step Six: I took the coil of wire and stuck the end under the wire that was already on the bottle and twisted it around until it was secure.
Step Seven: I brought that piece of wire up over the bottom of the bottle, twisted it to make a loop, and attached it on the other side in the same way.
Step Eight: To fill the feeder, you need one part sugar and two parts water. I used 1/2 c sugar and 1 c water.
Step Nine: I put the replacement humming bird feeder bottom on the top of the bottle. This part is tricky because it doesn't twist on. I had to push it on really hard while twisting to get it to stay. Then I turned the feeder over and hung it out on their back porch!
Unfortunately, it's still too cold to get any hummingbirds right now, but before long they'll be swarming that thing!
I think it turned out pretty cute, what do you think?

Hurry to Kroger and get a few "It's Mine" Diet Coke products before they're gone! They're only here for a limited time.
Which one of my bottles is your favorite? What will you do with the bottles when you finish drinking the Diet Coke?

To learn more about Diet Coke's new launch, click here.

Thanks for reading!
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