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Monday, February 29, 2016

#LoveBlog: Lessons Learned

Today is the last day of the #LoveBlog challenge!!! It's so bittersweet. I've enjoyed hosting with Brita all month and I've really enjoyed reading all your posts and seeing all your Instagram pictures!
As I'm sure you know, I didn't co-host on the blog every day, but I did co-host nine out of the 29 days in February. And I wrote for some of the other days that I wasn't co-hosting. I did, however, host over on Instagram every day. And It's been a lot of work.

The biggest lesson I learned from the #LoveBlog challenge was how easy it is to stretch myself thin. And I know Brita had an even harder time than me because she hosted all 29 days of this month on her blog. And she did an amazing job!

I learned that it's okay and very necessary to say "no" sometimes to commitments. And I learned that sometimes you're actually going to have to say "no" to yourself. I learned that it's possible to become a slave to your own work and hobbies. Like I sometimes am to my blog.

I also learned how important it is to plan ahead, get work done in advance, and eliminate distractions. Okay so I actually learned all those things before the #LoveBlog challenge, but they all proved to be very important during the this month challenge. And this challenge proved that I didn't learn these lessons very well the first time.

Favorite #LoveBlog Blog Posts (from the days I co-hosted):

Favorite #LoveBlog Instagram Posts (from the second half of the month - see the first half here)

It really has been a blast co-hosting this blog and Instagram challenge with Brita and I hope to continue to work with her and to do other challenges like this in the future! For now though, I think we're both glad that February is over! Thanks so much for joining us and for all your awesome posts and sweet comments!

Meet your hosts:

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