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Friday, April 15, 2016

Gilmore Girls Rant

So funny story. Once upon a time, about a year ago, I started watching season seven of Gilmore Girls. You see, I watched it some as a teenager while it was still on TV, but I had to stop watching before the end of the series because my dad watched an episode with me and banned me from watching any more. So when it came to Netflix in October of 2014, I was psyched!!

So I binged and it took me a few months to watch the entire series. I was always #TeamLuke. I always have been. So when [spoilers] they broke up and then Lorelai did the unthinkable, I was furious. And, since I hadn't seen the ending yet, I thought she was going to end up with Christopher!

The following is a little rant I wrote while I was watching season seven and I thought Lorelai and Chris were going to end up together. Since a lot has happened this week with the new Gilmore Girls Revival (Melissa McCarthy is coming back and these photos were released), I thought I'd share this with you now. It cracks me up because as we know, she doesn't end up with Christopher. Okay enough rambling. Lets get to it.
*Spoiler Alert!!! This post contains spoilers for both Gilmore Girls and How I Met Your Mother so if you are watching either of those or plan to and don't want the endings spoiled, stop reading! Ok you've been warned. No don't blame me if you read something you didn't want to.

So first of all, I sorta get that Christopher and Loralai "belong together." I mean he's Rori's father. They have a LONG history together going back to their teenage years. He understands her relationship with her parents because he was around back in the day.

But here's my question: Why did they spend so much time in the show on Luke and Lorelai liking each other, flirting, getting together, breaking up, getting together again, getting engaged etc. Just to tragically break them apart??

Also Luke > Christopher in EVERY way! Christopher is very flakey and Luke is so reliable. Luke has been Rori's father figure all her life while Christopher was who knows where. Luke built Lorelai a chuppah for her wedding with Max. He built her an ice skating rink in her front yard to help her make up with snow. He always fixed anything broken in her house. He also made her a Santa burger even though he was grumpy and un-festive. He's always there for her.

And where was Chris all this time? Non-existant. Now all of a sudden though he's around and attractive because has money! That makes me hate Lorelai! (of course I don't actually hate her. I hate the stupid new writers of season seven who made her do this stuff).
So sure, Chris isn't gonna flake now because he has money and because Sherry did that to him, but still. He doesn't deserve a second chance when Luke has been ever patient with Lorelai for the entire series!!!

I've thought a lot about it and it's a lot like the ending of HIMYM. And I am in the minority that actually likes the ending of HIMYM. But here's the difference... in HIMYM, Ted actually got to be with Tracy (the mother) and get married and have kids. Then Tracy died. That's why I am okay with Ted going back to Robin because they "belong together."

However in Gilmore Girls, Lorelai and Luke were just stupid and didn't communicate at all. There were so many times one of them would say or do something and I would be yelling at the TV or laptop "Say that exact thing to Luke!" Or "Tell her! Tell her right now before she finds out from someone else!"

Ugh. Stupid. Rant over.
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