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Wednesday, April 6, 2016

Lessons from the Presidential Election about Communication

You know what I've noticed about this election? Among many other things, I've noticed that politicians often have difficulties communicating with us voters. They often say things without much explanation.
Take Donald, he simply makes blanket statements. "We'll build a wall" without much substance. There is a why behind building the wall. But it's not a very good one. However there is no how or when. He's not communicating to the people very effectively. He's just saying things to get a rise out of people.

Do you ever do this in your marriage? It could go a couple of different ways. Maybe you make blanket promises to your spouse without much substance and because there was no planning or communicating up front, the promise never gets fulfilled.

Example: "We should spend a weekend in Chicago some time while we're living only a few hours away"

Or maybe you just say some outlandish blanket statement to get a rise out of your spouse. Or you just say whatever they want to hear with no intention of following through. (I sincerely hope this is the case with Trump... Those poor supporters).

Example: "I promise I'll give you the moon once I can reach it." (A little crazy. But then again so is building a wall).

Example: "I promise I'll fix the leaky sink this weekend!"

In contrast to Trump (and also pretty much any of the other candidates), let's try to give thorough responses and back up our promises and opinions with substance.

Example: "Hamilton is going to Chicago in September. We should plan a long weekend. I've set an alert on my phone to remind me when tickets go on sale and I've already talked to my boss about taking a few days off then."

Example: "I cannot give you the moon, but if I could I would."

Example: "I promise I will fix the leaky sink this weekend. I don't have to go into work on Saturday till after noon, so I'll get up and do it in the morning. Also, I helped my dad fix our sink in high school so it shouldn't be so difficult."

See the difference?
So do you communicate like politicians sometimes? I sure do.
Thanks for reading!

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