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Friday, April 1, 2016

March Confessions

Happy April and happy Spring! Does it feel like Spring yet where you are? It doesn't here. In fact, we're supposed to get snow here next week. Anyway, March was a pretty tough month for me (besides our trip to California) and I am so glad to get it over with. So I thought I'd share some confessions about the last month with you today. Here we go.
I confess... I only published 10 posts in the whole month of March. The last time I posted so little was in December when I took an intentional break and only published 9 posts. The time before that was last July when every hour of my life was consumed with The Music Man. I published 11 posts. Other than that, I haven't posted so little in a month since 2013.

I confess... Every March I get a little depressed and burnt out. And this month is no exception. Seasonal depression is real, y'all. (Here's a post I wrote about it last year. And here's one from the year before).

I confess... Last week, I showered Sunday morning on our last day in California and then not again till Friday evening. The perks of working from home and never leaving the house, I guess. But trust me, I will never go that long again. It was terrible.

I confess... Speaking of California, we got home Monday morning and I didn't start posting recaps on the blog until Thursday. That's partly because google drive was giving me a hard time and partly because I'm lazy. Also, I had the whole weekend to put part 3 together and it still didn't get published till Tuesday. That is definitely because I'm lazy.

I confess... I bought 2 big bags of Easter candy and 2 packages of iced sugar cookies last Thursday. Pretty much all of that was consumed by the end of the weekend.

I confess... I asked people to turn on Instagram post notifications before everyone else did, but now I regret it. Don't turn notifications on for people. It will just annoy you. If you want to see people's posts in your feed, interact with them. And unfollow people you don't care about so IG can easily show you stuff you want to see.

I confess... I successfully avoided Netflix (but I still watched shows Hulu and other websites) and I successfully only listened to acapella worship music for all of Lent. But I completely FAILED at the other two things I gave up. Like I failed every single day.

I confess... I have food in the pantry and fridge that has gone bad because I'm too lazy to prepare it and just keep eating out and going through drive-throughs.

I confess... The week leading up to our California trip while Pearson was away in California already, I stayed up till at least 2 AM every night for no reason.

I confess... On a related note, after our red eye flight back home Sunday night, I slept all day Monday and it took all of last week to get back on a good sleeping schedule.

I confess... I am currently $300 over my spending budget. Most of that is thanks to LuLaRoe.
This month has been rough. Here's to a new one! What do you have to confess today? Thanks for reading.
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