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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Favorite Full House Episodes

This post has been sitting in my drafts since before Fuller House was released in February. I just haven't found a good time to publish it. But since the first table read for Season 2 happened last week (according to Instagram) and Jodie said on DWTS last night that production starts this morning, I thought today would be a good time to publish.

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As I thought about this post, I planed to do a lot of research because I didn't know if I would remember all my favorite episodes. I was going to see what other people's favorites were and make a list of my own from that. I also even thought about going through all the episode descriptions on the DVD boxes to help decide.

BUT one night a couple months ago while visiting my parents, we were going to watch an episode or two. Without even looking, a bunch of awesome episodes popped into my head and we couldn't even decide on one to watch. Why did I doubt myself?

So without further adieu, here are my favorites in no particular order!
  • Luck be a Lady (part 1 and 2) Season 2 episodes 21 & 22. The crew goes to Vegas and Jesse and Becky almost elope.
  • The House Meets the Mouse (part 1 and 2) Season 6 episodes 23 & 24. The crew goes to Disney Land and Michelle gets to be a princess for the day.
  • Michelle Rides Again (part 1 and 2) Season 8 episodes 23 & 24. The series finale. Though it wasn't planned as the series finale. They didn't know they were getting cancelled. Anyway, Michelle falls off her horse and loses her memory.
  • We got the Beat Season 8 episode 18. Stephanie forms a band with her friends and Kimmy. They sing "I Saw the Sign" for a talent competition and it turns out to be a disaster. Every time I hear that song, I think of this episode.
  • The Test Season 7 episode 15. DJ is taking the SAT and she is so nervous she has a crazy dream about it.
  • The Last Dance Season 7 episode 17. Jesse's Greek ancestors come to visit and there's a not so happy ending.
  • Come Fly With Me Season 6 episode 1. Michelle and Stephanie some how find themselves as stow aways on a trip to New Zealand! 
  • Subterranean Graduation Blues Season 6 episode 19. Jesse finally graduates from high school but they get stuck on a subway on the way to graduation. Jesse ends up giving his speech to the passengers and talks one kid into going back to school.
  • Happy Birthday Babies (part 1 and 2) Season 5 episodes 9 & 10. Becky has the babies! And Jesse has appendix out dressed as dino from The Flinstones because it was Michelle's birthday party.
  • Working Girl Season 4 episode 14. DJ gets a job entertaining kids while they get their pictures taken. She gets to dress up as a clown and quack like a duck!
  • The Wedding (part 1 and 2) Season 4 episodes 18 & 19. Jesse and Becky's wedding. Enough said.
  • The Hole-in-the-Wall Gang Season 4 episodes 21. DJ and Stephanie get into a fight and end up putting a hole in the wall in Danny's bedroom!
  • Tanner Island Season 3 episodes 1. The family goes to Hawaii, gets lost, and ends up singing on stage with the Beach Boys. Of course.
  • The Greatest Birthday on Earth Season 3 episodes 10. Jesse, Stephanie, and Michelle get stuck in a car mechanic's garage on Michelle's birthday and they throw her a circus birthday party. 
  • Honey, I Broke the House Season 3 episodes 20. Stephanie drives Joey's car into the house.
  • Fraternity Reunion Season 3 episode 23. Danny and Joey dress like women to crash a party. Enough said.
  • Our very first Christmas Show Season 2 episode 9. The family gets snowed in at the airport over Christmas. The girls are worried Santa won't come but he shows up!
  • Just one of the Guys Season 1 episode 18. Kirk Cameron guest stars as the girls' cousin.
So those are my absolute favorites. But also all the ones where Joey says "Cut It Out," Jesse says "Have Mercy," Danny says something about being clean, DJ says "Oh Mylanta," Stephanie says "How Rude," or Michelle says "You Got it Dude." So, you know, all of them.

It was so much fun to revisit these in my mind. What is it about this show that's so fantastic? It is honestly my favorite show to ever be on TV and I can't even really tell you why!

Are you a Full House fanatic? Did you enjoy Fuller House? Did I leave your favorite out?
Thanks for reading!
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