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Friday, July 15, 2016

A Life Update - Oh, Hey! High Five for Five on Friday

Happy Friday everyone! I have to say I've had a pretty great week. Exhausting, but great. I am so sorry I've been MIA though. As you know, I started my new job last Tuesday July 5th. I am going into the office every day and mostly still training right now. Not only that, but my in-laws were in town last weekend. We had seven people and two dogs staying in our little two bedroom, one bathroom apartment for four nights. It was so much fun but it was also exhausting and didn't leave me a lot of time to blog.

But today, I wanted to just sort of update you all on what's been going on in a 5 on Friday format. And since all of these things are so great, I thought I'd link up with Chelsea for tell me something good as well.

ONE || We had a wonderful weekend. 

Pearson's family got here Friday night, about 10 minutes before I got home from work. We ate dinner and played cards all night. Side note: playing cards with this group usually turns into an ab workout as you just sit there and laugh the whole time. It's one of my favorite things to do with this family.

Then Saturday we went to the zoo. We were there from about 10 AM to about 4 PM and saw all the animals and two shows. We got to pet the stingrays and a couple snakes and we even saw Baby Nora, the precious 4-month-old polar bear. We brought our own lunch which I've never done before but it worked out great. It was a beautiful day and I took a lot of pictures, some of which are below. I just love the zoo, don't you?
That night we went to Skyline Chili and then we saw The Secret Life of Pets, which was fantastic!

On Sunday, we went to church and then to Piada. Then we walked around the North Market for the afternoon and came home to grill burgers for dinner. Then we played some more cards all night.

Monday, I had to work but they all came and had lunch with me at City Barbecue. Then they picked me up after work and we headed down to German Village where we explored The Book Loft and ate at Schmidt's.

They left Tuesday morning for the long drive home. We'll see them again at Christmas and they'll come back next year, but it's always sad to say goodbye.

TWO || I love my job. 

The people are absolutely fantastic. Which was the most important thing that I wanted in this new job. Everybody is so nice and helpful. My team only has 4 people and they are all really close. I've been training on all of the company's products so I'm getting to meet lots of people who I won't work very closely with and they are all so very welcoming.

Also, and this may sound weird, but I love the dress code. I actually like dressing professional and picking out my clothes every morning instead of wearing whatever I wore to bed all day. Confession: when I was working at home, I would often never change out of an "outfit" (I use that word loosely) for two or three days straight. I'd wear it to bed and then all day the next day and keep it on for bed that night too. And yes, that means I would go two or three days without showering. But nobody saw me. No shame. Do you see why I needed this job? Both my mental and physical health depended on it.

I'm heading up a major project in the next couple weeks. They're throwing me right in after my training. I'm a little nervous but also excited. And I wouldn't have it any other way.

Also, I love the location of our office. There are two great thrift stores within a couple blocks, as well as a Clothes Mentor (like a Plato's Closet but for adults instead of teens). I also pass an Aldi on the way home, and there are lots of restaurants around. Like Bibibop! Basically, I just really needed to get out of the house and this is a great place to come too. I am already so much more happy than I have been in the last few months.

THREE || Yesterday was our four year anniversary. 

As I said on Instagram, I could rattle off a bunch of anniversary cliches and sappy stuff, but that doesn't really mean anything to me. I just want to say that life is tough and I'm so glad I have Pearson by my side through it all. And I'm glad I can be there for him as well. Four years seems so long and yet, it also seems like we just got married yesterday. I've never regretted saying yes to him and I never will.

FOUR || I've had a lot of both sponsored and guest post opportunities lately.

Amberly and I swapped blogs again last Friday and I turned in my July contributor post to Emily this week. It will go live some time next week while she's out of town. As far as sponsored posts go, I've gotten a lot of opportunities lately. In fact, I've done three in the last four weeks. I hope that doesn't drive you readers away. Honestly, some of my best work is sponsored work because I have extra motivation to make it great. And I don't accept sponsored opportunities that I don't think will benefit you readers. Anyway, I just wanted to share my successes with you and ask you to continue to support and read my blog. I promise I'll get back into the swing of things once I find a good blogging schedule to balance with work.

FIVE || You're invited to VBS/12 Questions Columbus (also streaming online from anywhere).

Our church, Fishinger and Kenny Church of Christ, is putting on a program next week called 12 Questions Columbus as well as a VBS for children in elementary school and younger. The theme of the program is "If you could ask God one question..." We've been collecting these questions for some time now and have come up with 12 that the people leading the program will do their best to answer based on biblical truths. If you click here, you can see the schedule for the 12 questions. If you're in the columbus area, please join us. It will be at Fishinger and Kenny Church of Christ (the address is on the website I linked above and at the bottom of this page) on July 17-20. It will also be available to stream live online at the 12 Questions website, so even if you're not in the Columbus area, please tune in, get your burning questions answered, and be uplifted by the knowledge and wisdom presented. I'm certainly looking forward to it.

So, you see, I've been pretty busy. And I have a lot of great things going on my life. I just wanted to give you all a little update and thank you wonderful readers for being so great and sticking around for so long. I love coming to this little space and sharing what's on my mind. I hope I get to continue doing this for a long time in the future.

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