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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Always Say "I Love You"

Hey guys, I just wanted to stop in today and give you a little piece of marriage advice. What is that advice? Always say "I love you." Always. When you wake up, when you leave for work, when you see each other at the end of the work day, before you go to bed, when you hang up the phone, randomly throughout the day, and any time you want.
Seriously, those three little words make all the difference. Sure sometimes they can seem to be mundane and rote and lose their meaning, but it's still important to say them.

Pearson is so much better about this than I am. I find myself replying with "I love you, too," more than fifty percent of the time. Much more than fifty percent, actually. I'm really trying to be better about it.

Why are these words so important? Well, because you never want your spouse to have to guess about your love. You never want him or her to be unsure. Sometimes we can forget, am I right? We need to be reassured.

Also, isn't it just a good habit you want to get into? Words are powerful. That's why I always say that you shouldn't talk bad about your spouse in front of other people. We've all heard "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words may never hurt me" and while I agree that we shouldn't let what other people say govern our lives, I still disagree with that. I think words can do a lot of harm. But it shouldn't only be about not saying bad things. We should strive to stay positive and speak in uplifting ways. One of those ways is always saying "I love you" to your spouse.

But what about when it starts to become rote? That's when you can change it up a little bit. Sometimes Pearson will add a couple words to the end of it. "I love you so much." It doesn't really change the meaning all that much, but it shows that he actually put thought into it. He didn't just say 3 words out of habit.

Chelsea from The New Wifestyle recently wrote an entire post about saying "I'm in love with you" instead of "I love you." She talks about how your actions and the things you say in a relationship can become robotic. You know it's true.

So today I challenge you, if you don't already, start saying "I love you" all the time. And if you do that already, find some way to switch it up a little today and keep it fresh.

Do you say I love you to your spouse all the time? How do you switch it up sometimes to keep it from becoming robotic or rote?
Thanks for reading!

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