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Wednesday, August 10, 2016

7 Tips for the Perfect Date at the Drive-In

One of mine and Pearson's favorite things to do on a date is to go to the drive-in movie theater. The drive-in near us shows four current movies every night, two on each screen, and only charge $9.50 per person ($7.50 on weeknights). You get to watch 2 current movies for less than the price of one at a normal theater. And you can bring an entire picnic if you want. You can sit in the comfort of your own car or bring lawn chairs.

The only downside is you can't switch between screens once you pay. So we have to wait until they're showing two movies that we want to see on the same screen. Having said that, they don't start the first movie till it gets dark which is around 9:30 these days so it's not as difficult for Pearson to be home for the show. Also, on weekends, they replay the first movie again after the second one so if you can't make it by 9:30, you can come in time for the second movie and still see them both.

Anyway, I didn't mean to tall you all of that about the drive-in near us. But maybe you found it interesting. Let's get to the point of this post, shall we?

7 Tips for the Perfect Date at the Drive-In:

ONE || Bring Dinner. Pearson and I usually go through a drive through. Especially if he barely gets home in time to make it to the movie. We've also done the picnic thing for dinner too though. It's kinda cool to eat dinner while watching a movie.
TWO || Clean your Windshield. If you're going to be watching from inside your car, you'll want to make sure you windshield is clean. If you have smudges on it, they might bother you throughout the whole movie.

THREE || Bring Snacks and Drinks. I always bring a cooler full of drinks and fruit. Then I also bring chips or crackers to munch on. The last time we went, I popped some popcorn before heading out and we ate that during the movie. They have concessions there, but it's cheaper and more fun to bring your own.
FIVE || Bring Stuff for your Dog. We like to bring Pip to the drive in because it's something we can bring him to. We let him walk around and say hi to all the kids and such before the movies start and then we let him sleep in the back seat. We make sure to bring water for him and his favorite blankets.

THREE || Bring a Blanket. Pearson is always hot and I am always cold. The best way to compromise is to keep the air conditioning on and for me to cover up with a blanket. Plus it's cozier to watch a movie under a blanket, right?
FOUR || Bring lawn Chairs. We usually watch the movies from inside our car. But we always keep chairs in our trunk anyway. But that's another story. If it's a particularly pretty night, we'll set up the chairs outside and watch from there. Also, if we have other people with us, i.e. when Pearson's family visits, we sit outside so the people in the back seats can see.

SEVEN || Bring Jumper Cables. The first time we ever went, they told us that you just need to turn your key "one click" to turn on the radio and listen to the movie. That way you don't waste gas. Well that worked a few times in our old car,b ut for some reason when we tried it in the Rogue, the battery died. Fortunately, the drive-in has a jumper box because they say it happens all the time. But you have to fill out a bunch of paperwork and wait your turn to use it. Ever since then we've just left the car running. But if you really don't want to waste the gas and you want to hear the movie through your radio, you might consider bringing your own jumper cables in case your drive in doesn't have them.

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