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Monday, August 1, 2016

Monthly Goals for August {2016}

Happy August! Can you believe summer is almost over? That's crazy but it's also exciting because I am so ready for Fall. I try not to wish my life away. I really do. But every year in August I start really looking forward to Fall. And this year is no different. But I'll try to enjoy this last month of summer as well. Anyway, let's move on to my goals, shall we?

Word of the Year:

My word of the year, for this year is present. Last month, I decided to go an entire weekend without technology like I did back in May. I sort of tried for this every weekend in July and it didn't work out until the very last weekend. As in, yesterday. I didn't do a very good job. I wrote this post. And I did a few other things on the internet. But, I did less than usual. Anyway, I'm going to do that again this month and make it a monthly occurrence.


I was pretty successful with my goal of getting up on time and using the First 5 app three times per week. First 5 is a daily devotional app on which you can set an alarm so I like to wake up to it and spend the first five minutes of my day with God. This month, I'm going to extend that goal to 5 days per week.


I failed at my physical goal last month. I wanted to do another round of the 21 Day Fix but I never even started. At all. But July was very busy for me. My in-laws came to visit, I started a new job, last week was super crazy but that's another story. Not to mention, I have been really tired when I get home from work just because I'm getting used to all the newness. I have not wanted to work out at all. I'm giving myself grace for all of that. This month, however, I'm going to try Autumn's new Country Heat program and I'm really excited about it!


Last month, I did not finish either of the other LotR books. Oops. Again, I was way busier than I expected. Also, I was planning on reading a lot this past weekend as I was staying away from technology but instead I was super productive and cleaned a lot. So this month, I'm setting the goal to finish The Two Towers. I think that's doable.


Well, last month we actually did a pretty good job of keeping a weekly date night. I didn't actually set that as a formal goal so I'm okay with the fact that most of those weren't very intentional and several of them involved playing Pokemon Go. We did celebrate our anniversary but we did not knock anything off our date night bucket list. However, I think we'll be able to knock at least two off our list this month. So I'm setting that as a goal. Also, we have 3 unused Date Boxes (aff) so I want to at least use one of those this month.


Last month, I had not one, but two sponsored posts. However, I did not even look at Helene in Between's blog courses. Busy, I tell you. So this month, I'm keeping that goal. I want to finish both of those courses that I haven't done and also work through's Instagram Decoded guide.


Last month, I successfully made friends at work. I love the people here! This month I am setting two goals. One is to get to a place where I can go a whole day of work without asking for help. In other words, I want to learn everything that well this month. Secondly, I will bring my lunch at least 3 days per week and only go out on Fridays and one other day.


  • I did clean the house for our guests but as soon as the left I stopped doing housework and the place became a pig sty again - This month, I'm going to maintain the clean appartment instead of letting it get bad and then spending an entire weekend cleaning it.
  • I failed at not spending any of my budgeted "spending money" so I am setting that goal again this month.
So there you have it. I tried to create S.M.A.R.T. goals last month and I think that helped me stay on track for most of them. So here's to an even better month this time around.

What are some goals you have for this month?
Thanks for reading!

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